10 Adorable Cartoon Cakes For Kids Birthday Party

Add more delights to your kids birthday by surprising them with beautiful and delicious kids cartoon cakes that are designed around famous cartoon characters that are popular among kids. Birthdays are a delightful occasion and they are definitely meant to be special. When it comes to celebrating a kid’s birthday everything must be cheerful, vibrant and obviously childish. Get the best cartoon cakes for kids and bring broad smiles to their faces. Make the celebration memorable and delightful for them.

10 Best Cartoon Cakes for Kids

Below are some of the popular cartoon cakes for your kids to order.

1. Mickey Mouse Fondant Cake

Get a cute and adorable mickey mouse fondant cake for impressing the little one in your family and surprising them on their special day. This different cake would definitely make them smile because it would be delightful for them to experience the taste of a new cake flavour that has the photo of their favourite cartoon character, Mickey Mouse on it. 

2. Barbie Princess Cake

If you are looking forward to surprising your little princess along with same day cake delivery to their birthday party, then you must purchase a Barbie princess cake for them. so that the joy of their special day gets doubled up with the charm of the magnificent barbie cake that you chose for them. 

3. Winnie The Pooh Cake

Cake for kids must be delicious and tempting. So instead of going with some boring designs of cakes that can be ideal for adults, you should get the ideal cake designs for kids’ birthday parties and look for cartoon cakes to order. you can buy a lip-smacking Winnie the pooh cake for the little one in your family. they would surely be grooving with happiness upon seeing this wonderful cake on the table. 

4. Shin Chan and Friends Cake

We all are very well aware of the growing popularity of the little, mischievous cutie shin chan who makes everyone love to witness his little mischief. Kids these days are crazy behind shin chan and his friends. You too can buy a cute shin chan cake for the kids who would be absolutely delighted and amazed with a unique variety of cake that has a cute shinchan and his friends or shinchan and shero on the cake. 

5. Tom and Jerry Cake

There would hardly be anyone who would not be aware of the legendary friendship of Tom and jerry. Kids have grown up watching this amazing cartoon series. They have witnessed the love-hate bond that exists between them. You can add more happiness to your child’s celebration by surprising them with a cute, adorable and tasty tom and jerry cake on their birthday or any other special day such as a party for scoring well in exams. 

6. Avengers Cake

The characters of avengers are popular among all, both kids and young adults. You can get a cake that has all the avengers characters on it. You can also order separate spiderman cake, captain America cake, wonder woman Woman cake, superman cake, batman cake or other characters of avengers and surprise your friends or the kids along with this tasty delight. 

7. Doraemon Cake

You can place an online cake order for a cute and delightful Doraemon cake. This delicious treat comes in various designs and cake flavours. You may choose Doraemon’s cake for the entire cake or you can choose Doraemon along with nobita for the surface of the cake. You may choose chocolate, vanilla, pineapple, butterscotch or any other flavour of the cake. 

8. Unicorn Cake

Unicorns are one such creature that has the heart of everyone whether little kids or grown-up adults. We all have wished to witness a unicorn once in our lives. Movies and cartoons have contributed to increasing the charm of unicorns. After all, they are so majestic and unbelievable. You can definitely not get a unicorn for your kids but you can get a unicorn cake for them and surprise them with the same on their birthday. 

9. Pikachu Cake

Pikachu can be regarded as the official merchandise for choosing gifts for kids. After all, these are liked by everyone. so you can get a cute and wholesome Pikachu cake for your kid’s happy celebrations. You can also get fondant Pikachu cake, eggless Pikachu cake, sugar-free cake etc for your celebrations

10. Jungle Theme Cake

The Jungle theme cake is gaining wide popularity these days. It is popular in demand by the customers who wish to amaze their little kids with themed cakes on their birthday. not just Jungle theme cake, you can choose other designs of theme cakes as well. Such as makeup theme cake, cricket theme cake, pubg theme cake etc.


Choose your favourite design and flavour of the cartoon cakes for kids that you wish to get for your kids and have a happy celebration along with a luscious delight.