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10 Math Tricks For Every Student

Math seems like a very hard subject for many students. Some often ask, ”Can someone do my Math homework?” 

It is high in demand subject for tutoring. 

This article will help you with 10 math tricks that can provide homework help and make your studying a lot easier.

10 Math Tricks For Student

1. Multiplying By 6

If you multiply an even number with 6, the last digit of that number will be the same number and the second digit will be half of the last digit.

For example, 6 x 8

The answer is 48.

2. Divisibility Rules

This rule is used in calculating LCM of any large number. The math trick is, if the sum of digits is divided by the least number, then the number is divisible by that integer. 

To elaborate, let’s take the number 256.

To know, if 256 is divisible by 2, the sum of the digits is 2+5+6= 13 =1+3= 4

And 4 is divisible by 2. Hence, 256 is divisible by 2. 

3. Multiplying Any Number By 9

To multiply any number by 9, we can multiply by (10-1)

For example, we can write 42 x 9 as 42 x (10-1)

We get 42 x 10 – 42

420 – 42 = 378

Means 42 x 9 is 378.

4. The Multiplication By 11 Rule

With this rule, it is very simple to multiply any number by 11. 

If the number is of two digits, then add both of the digits and put the sum into the middle of the two.

For example, to multiply 54 x 11, 

Add 5 + 4 = 9

Put the number 9 in the middle of the 5 and 4, which will give you 594.

Hence, 54 x 11 is 594.

5. Memorizing Pi

It is difficult to remember the exact digits of the value of pi. 

To make it easy, there is a phrase you can use to memorize the value of pi.

It is to count the number of letters of each word in the following phrase and write them in numbers.

“How I wish I could calculate pi.”

This becomes 3.141592 which is the approximate value of pi.

6. Multiplying Numbers Ending With Zero

This is one of the quick math tricks to quickly multiply any numbers that end in zeros. 

You just need to multiply the numbers without zeros. And then put the total count of zeros at the end of the resulting number.

For example, let’s multiply 140 and 1100

So, first multiply 14 and 11

14 x 11 = 154.

Then simply put the total number of zeros after the 154.

The result is 154000.

7. Calculate The Square Of Two Digits Numbers In The Table Of 5

Whenever there is a square number that is a multiple of 5, you can calculate its square by these steps.

  • Multiply the first number by itself adding 1 into it.
  • Then put 25 at the end of it.

Let’s see an example.

To calculate the square of 65, first multiply 6 with (6+1), that is by 7.

6 x 7 = 42

Then, simply put 25 at the end.

Which is, 4225.

Hence the square of 65 is 4225.

8. Percentage

The percentage is often intimidating to calculate, which makes you wish, “Can someone do my Math homework?” 

But most commonly used percentages are easy to calculate.

For example, to calculate 10% of 453 is to simply move the decimal point one place to the left, that is, 45.3.

And to calculate 5% of 453, get half of the number 45.3, which is  22.65. 

So, 5% of 453 = 22.65. 

9. Multiplying By 10

This is one of the easiest math tricks that you can try for homework help.

When you want to multiply a number by 10, put 0 at the end of the number. 

For example, 2569 x 10 is 25690. That’s it.

10. Adding Large Numbers

Everyone finds it hard to add large numbers. It is mostly because they seem intimidating. 

To simplify that, we need to make them easy to understand. 

For example, let’s add 758 + 986

Now, round them up to the nearest easy numbers. 

That is 758 + 2 = 760 and 986 + 4 = 990

Now it is easy to add 760 + 990 which is 1750.

But we have added 2 and 4 in the original numbers. So, subtract the addition of  2 + 4 from 1750.

That is, 1750- (2+4)= 1744

Hence, the addition of 758 + 986 is 1744.


These are some of the Math tricks to help you out as a student. Hope this helps you with your problem of “Can someone do my Math homework?”