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11 Best Keyboard Apps for Your Smartphone

Mobile phones are the perfect gadgets to show off our personality and style. Customizing our phone’s interface to make it more aligned with our mood has become easy-peezy now, thanks to new keyboard apps

Why Should You go for a Keyboard App? 

App developers are taking advantage of our “smarter” smartphones and offering us a range of keyboard apps that are much more than fonts and colours. With features like swipe gestures, predictive analysis, grammar checker, etc., the keyboards have become our smart assistants.  

Today, keyboard apps have made chatting in a foreign language easier with multi-language translation features. Some apps also offer search engines, while others offer language input to make your words stand out. 

While customization has always been Android’s THING, recently, the iOS app store has also been taking it up a notch with a range of fun and quirky keyboard apps. Whether you want predictive texting, a huge font gallery to choose from or just wish to throw some colour in the mundane keyboard, you will find your favourite in this list of 11 best keyboard apps.

List of 11 Best Keyboard Apps

1. Bangla Keyboard

Bharat Keyboards has launched it’s made in India, Bangla keyboard which has AI integration. 

This keyboard offers multiple features to enhance your typing experience through English to Bangla typing, Bangla voice typing, customized Bangla stickers,  autocorrect and auto prediction features to name a few.

So try out the amazing Bangla typing experience today by downloading the Bangla keyboard across all your android devices now!

2. FancyKey

If you want the best of everything in a keyboard app, then FancyKey is your one-stop solution. With more than 50 theme styles, 70 fonts, 3000+ emojis, this app is for the users who love changing up their style once in a while. With endless customization options, you can come up with your creative layouts. 

The app also offers predictive analysis and auto-correct features in over 50 languages. 

3. Fleksy

Fleksy is a popular keyboard app that is available on the iOS app store. Apart from offering multiple themes, fonts, and colours to choose from, Fleksy helps to make your typing more ‘flexible’ and fast with strong autocorrect features. The app also has tons of handy extensions, GIFs, and stickers that can be used on various social media platforms.

4. Google Gboard

Google’s official keyboard, Gboard has built-in Google search that enables quick search from the keyboard itself. You get access to multiple features like emojis and GIFs by just tapping the G logo. The app also offers gesture typing, autocorrect, colourful themes, and word prediction in multiple languages.  

5. Microsoft’s SwiftKey

Swiftkey is a fan-favourite and is mostly known for its floating keyboard. You can resize the keyboard and drag it anywhere on the screen to type. The app offers both free and premium themes with an AI-enabled autocorrect engine which learns your typing style over time. 

6. Multiling O Keyboard

With an in-built translator and option to converse in over 200 languages, Multiling O Keyboard is the best Android keyboard to keep in touch with your international friends and colleagues. 

It also offers gesture typing, keyboard resizing, repositioning and reformatting, themes, various layouts, and the most useful number row. 

7. Ginger

Ginger Keyboard offers everything from gesture typing, emojis, themes to shortcuts and in-built search. The app gets smarter with increased usage because its AI analyzes your typing tendencies. 

However, the differentiator is the in-built games where you can play games like Snake and 2048 while having a conversation! Odd, but cute. 

8. Flash Keyboard

Flash Keyboard is one of the top-rated iOS keyboard apps popular for its smart word prediction. Analysing your text and the writing style can help you create sentences that are impactful and professional. It offers a list of synonyms and different ways in which you can convey your thoughts. Additionally, Flash Keyboard also offers users a wide range of themes for creating a personalized keyboard. 

9. GIF Keyboard by Tenor

If using creative GIFs is your writing style, then GIF Keyboard by Tenor is the best pick for you. The GIFs can be sent over multiple platforms and you can save your most-used GIFs on the keyboard. 

It offers multiple categories of GIFs such as most popular, trending, GIFs with a common theme, etc. The search tool offers a vast range of GIFs and you also have the option to switch back to your normal keyboard with just a click. 

10. Keypro – Keyboard Themes Emoji

KeyPro is one of the most stylish keyboard apps available out there. Apart from offering a customizable keyboard interface, it also has over 100 fonts, multiple skins, and keypad themes. It’s the perfect choice if you are looking for a funky keyboard app and you love emojis!

11. ai.type Keyboard

If you wish to avail the best that AI has to offer, switch over to ai.type Keyboard. Apart from offering over 100,000 theme styles, you can also create your theme with the built-in theme developer tool. 

Its integrated AI also learns the way you type on different social media platforms and offers you personalized auto-complete, punctuation, accent characters, emojis, etc.


You can try out these keyboard apps and choose the one which best suits your needs. Always make sure to download third-party keyboard apps from Google Playstore or iOS App Store. Keyboard apps are fun to play with and give you the perfect opportunity to add a personal touch to your most cherished possession – the mobile phone. Happy typing!