3 Steps to Recover iPhone Data with Fonepaw

Recover iPhone data is not so tough that it might seem. A good data recovery application will help you to retrieve the data with ease. But, selecting a good data recovery application must be your foremost task. According to data experts, they have suggested that Fonepaw is one of the best applications for retrieving lost data from iPhone. 

The superior interactiveness of the iPhone is not a new aspect. People who are comfortable using or working with Apple devices have also accepted the dedicated storage facility of this smartphone. But, how secure and strong the storage facility might see, there has always been the data loss situation that lies within.

Some more iPhone issues 

Apart from losing data, there are other issues that can take place on your iPhone. Some of them are malfunctions in recovery mode, headphones not detecting, Apple logo is stuck, frozen device, constant blue or black screen, the device keeps on restarting, unable to slide the lock, and others. Fonepaw is such an application that can easily rectify all of these problems.

What about the features of Fonepaw?

Fonepaw has the strength to perform iPhone data recovery for more than 25+ file types. Not only from iPhone, but also you can recover all the lost data from iPad, and iPod Touch. Some of the file types are contacts, messages, WhatsApp messages and media files, data from call logs, calendar, camera items and others. On the other hand, based on your work requirement, if you send and receive attachments on several media and messenger platforms, then those data can also be recovered by the application. 

There are several innovative features of the application. It consists of 3 different models of iPhone data recovery. Other than that, before you start downloading the retrieved files, you can have a preview of them. A selective restoration facility is also there. The application will give you the chance to select your desired file, and then you can restore them according to your preference. Not more than 3 steps will be incorporated for the complete iPhone data recovery

3 Different ways to Recover iPhone Data

Here I am elaborating on 3 different ways to recover iPhone data. Without further ado, let’s learn more about them.

1. The direct method

In this method, you will be able to recover all the lost items in your iPhone directly from the device. Just attach the device to your computer and wait for some time till the system and the Fonepaw application detects the device. After that, find the option associated with Recently Deleted, and get the lost files from there. 

2. Recover from iTunes

Hopefully, you have kept a backup file in iTunes. When you are using an older version of iPhones, then only the iTunes application will be applicable. Connect the iPhone to your computer, and start Fonepaw. A Preview option will be there for knowing what and how many types of files that you are going to retrieve. Then, observe the instructions on the screen and recover the files by implementing the necessary operations.

3. Retrieve lost data from iCloud 

iCloud is the official storage service for all Apple users. When you backup your data, it goes directly into the iCloud in a bundled form. As usual, get the full access to the Fonepaw application by attaching the iPhone with the help of its lightning USB cable. After that, Recover from iCloud backup file will show you all the backup files available in the cloud storage. Download the latest file to retrieve them. Before starting the download procedure, if a notification appears, requesting for an Apple ID and password, apply them to their desired place to continue the operation. 

Managing Storage: Free up space 

When your iPhone is running out of storage, there is a high possibility that some of your vital data might get deleted. That is why managing storage is important. It will help you to free up the storage space and reduce the risk of data loss. Open your phone’s gallery and check whether there are any files present more than once. If the file exists, then delete one of them to avoid duplication. 

The photos that you have uploaded in the iCloud allows you the facility of streaming directly to the gallery. Enough space of the dedicated storage is consumed during this process. That is why you need to turn off this feature to save more space. 

The Burst mode in the camera allows you to click more than one photo at a time. If you are a new user of the iPhone, then you might keep all the photos. Thus, resulting in the consumption of an excessive amount of storage space. Don’t turn off the mode, simply after taking a photo with the help of Burst mode, select one of your favourite photos and delete the rest. 

Expert Advice

If your iPhone is somehow jailbroken, then you cannot revert the procedure. While the data recovery process is ongoing, if the device is unlocked before, it will get locked automatically. When the fixing or recovery process is over, never forget to update the device to its latest version.