technologies that have changed world

Technology has been one of the important developments in the world that have done things upside down. Things that were thought to be impossible now are an idea that is possible in seconds and we have a million of such examples that we can list in this area. If the impacts of the technology are to be stated in just one sentence it would be that technology has made the world better, faster, more connected and effective by every means. This is what the impact of technology could be summarized in however listing the reasons of this thing could not be quoted in a sentence and thus here we have brought 5 such technological developments to the light that have turned the world upside down.


Connections between people took more time and it even to months to communicate something with a person that is in some other geographical locations. However, then came in the idea of smartphones and this was when people came closer to each other and reaching them was just merely now something that only took seconds. This was a major technological development in the world that has made impacts on all the fields in the world and thus this was something that was listed above all the other technological updates.

Artificial Intelligence

Humans and machines were being compared at the time when machines were being introduced. Machine was proficient at mass production however the human intellect was bringing the customization in the same and this was where machines had a lack. The thinking ability and the ability to process data was what was missing in the machines and that was the gap that artificial intelligence covered to make technology more powerful as well as making things more efficient and better. I worked at an animation video company for a long time and have witnessed how the human effort was taken over by artificial intelligence when animation tools and software produced better animations that had both the creativity and the inch-perfectness in it. This was another reason for technology taking over the entire world.

Big Data

Well, who ever thought that the data not even digested and analyzed by the humans could be done through machines but it has been made possible through big data. It makes the data from the entire world in complex layers to be analyzed easily and made to be used for anything that is purposed from it. This is what has brought fields like marketing, IT, Business and such others to their maximum.

Internet of Things

Connection different objects at the same time and controlling them through a single device was nearly impossible and half of the world didn’t even think about it until it came into the reality and all thanks to a few brilliant minds that used technology to develop better and more powerful technology. Internet of things is living proof of how technology could be used to create effectively and ease in the world.


Well, this again is a base of what we call the technological revolution. The world saw different ideas in the field of technology but there was medium required to connect the entire world together and make all the technological devices and mediums to be brought on some platform and this was what internet came for. It has connected the world together and if someone would take the internet out of the world today then all the technology that has been mentioned above would be of no worth.