5 Hanging Plants for Balcony

Are you tired of the same old look for your balcony and if you find it too boring? You must be thinking of bringing certain changes to the balcony? One way of turning boring balconies into interesting ones is to decorate balcony with Hanging Plants.

The first step would be to clean it and think of a theme that you would like to choose for your balcony. Once you decide on the theme, you may start gathering the necessary materials required for turning your vision of a good-looking and interesting balcony into a reality. You can bring new furniture and place it on the balcony in order to give it a new look. Besides bringing new curtains or furniture, you can also Buy plants online or place hanging plants on the balcony.

Arranging hanging plants for balcony is a great way to decorate the surroundings and give an entirely new look to the balcony that once seemed very boring. You may place the plants in varying sizes of pots and arrange them in your balcony while the creepers can be tied to the fence of the balcony. Apart from the floor and the fence you can also make use of the ceiling of your balcony. You can tie various baskets from the ceiling of your balcony in such a manner that they hang well and you may use these hanging baskets to grow plants.

Let us know what are some plants that can be grown in hanging baskets.

5 Hanging Plants for Blacony


Growing across more than six hundred different species of plants, tillandsia is an evergreen perennial. The leaves of this plant have quick absorption abilities. They get clung to wires, ropes, or fences around them and are also called the airplant. These hanging plants can survive for many years if taken properly care of. They produce vibrant and lovely flowers as well. 


Belonging to the epiphytic species in various types of ferns, Asplenium nidus or the bird’s nest fern has large leaves that look like banana leaves. It is very popular as a houseplant because, in America, the local folks use the leaves of the plant to cure weakness and asthma. The leaves have a wavy texture and can get crispy due to excessive heat. 


The golden pothos is also called the devil’s vine or the Ceylon creeper because of the fact that they spread while growing. The common name for this house plant is the money plant. Also called the silver vine, this plant is associated with everything good and is believed to be the harbinger of prosperity. You can Buy money plants online although they grow rapidly and spread a lot. You can maintain them by getting them trimmed frequently. 


Belonging to the grape family of the plant kingdom. The grape ivy is so flowering plant that is popular by many other names such as the Japanese creeper or the Boston ivy. It has flowers that grow in clusters and a small fruit that is a blue grape. These creepers are growing as ornamental plants that used to cover the walls with their vines. They require a lot of water and very little sunlight. 


Growing across more than one hundred different species the polka dot fern is ideal for placing inside the house. They produce a variety of colors and remain healthy under low light conditions. It requires warm temperatures and moist soil loaded with lots of organic content for its growth.


Now that you have come across a list of interesting and lovely hanging plants for balcony. You shall proceed towards Online shopping for indoor plants. This will save your time as you would not require to step out of your house for visiting a plant nursery. Neither you will have to wander at various shops to find the plants of your choice.