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5 Tips for Breastfeeding Your Baby with Peace of Mind

When a baby is born a mother and father are born. This phrase sounds cliché, but it is valid. So that first-time sailors do not feel powerless in the face of the challenges of taking care of such a small being, a baby, including breastfeeding, who can already in the first hours of the life of the newborn, cause some disorders that, if foreseen, do not frighten those responsible. Believe me, it is possible to breastfeed the baby with peace of mind.

Before informing 5 tips for breastfeeding, we need to reflect a little together. When the baby is born, organs like mouth, stomach, intestine, bladder are born together, all brand new. That is why it is necessary to have patience, sensitivity and empathy to understand that no one is born knowing, the baby learns in a “dropper” to use his body, in the first moment to survive. A baby does not even know how to use its mouth to feed itself. It is important that in addition to basic care such as changing diapers and bathing, we have time to sit down and teach the newborn baby how to breastfeed. Isn’t that beautiful? It is your moment and his and he will never return, so enjoy!

Tips for Breastfeeding the Baby

1. During pregnancy

The breastfeeding process begins in pregnancy when the woman’s body prepares to deliver to the baby the only possible food, milk. Proof of this is the growth of the breasts that occurs in the first gestational trimester.

At the end of pregnancy, a minority of pregnant women release colostrum through the breasts. This is the first milk, rich in protein, it is transparent, similar to an oil.

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Knowing that a woman’s body is preparing to breastfeed, what should we do? Start preparing the nipples to receive the baby’s sucking. When the baby “pulls” the nipples of the woman in the first hours of life, this place may receive some sores due to friction between the skin and the mouth of the newcomer. Therefore, it is important to strengthen this skin, this tissue so sensitive that it is part of the female body.

The pregnant woman needs to start hydrating the breast region with moisturizers and body oils. Care must be taken with products that have a strong exhalation. Because too much perfume in this period besides causing nausea can cause allergies. The correct thing is to use neutral products like petroleum jelly, coconut oil, urea cream and glycerin.

Another tip for the pregnant woman to prepare for the lactation phase is, after applying sunscreen, exposing the nipples to the sun. Contact with the solar heat will strengthen the skin.

2. When Baby is Born

Finally the expected new member of the family arrived. Now that everything has worked out, we need to start thinking about food. Probably the mother already perceives her breasts full of milk, but the baby is unable to take the liquid, what to do?

One of the best tips for breastfeeding is here: before offering the breast to the child, the mother should massage the nipples until they are pointed forming a beak. But before that, train your baby. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and towel dry. Then place the little finger (it is important that your nails are short), close to the baby’s mouth, and let him search, find and try to suck the finger. That done and with the nipples very “pointy”, finally make the encounter of your child with the breast. It will be a unique moment for both of you. It is worth registering!

3. Hygiene

Whenever the new mother goes to bathe, she must clean the nipples with soap. Especially during the first days of the baby’s life, it is possible that the breasts become very full & even leaking. Even when using breast or breast pads, fragments of this milk can remain on the nipples. So if not cleaned, can accumulate fungi and bacteria, resulting in infections in the baby, who is the one who will take direct care of the place.

4. Tranquility

When the baby is born, it does not support much noise. It is clear that little by little the world is being introduced into its fragile little life. However, it is necessary to go slowly, respecting the child’s times, especially during the first three months.

For that, it is necessary to understand the context in which this child was inserted. Inside the belly, protected, warm, with sound insulation, without clothes, being fed without having to do anything and suddenly with tissues on the body, needing to feed, seeing people, hearing voices, TV noise, hairdryer, car, motorcycle, imagine what confusion inside the bebê?

The word here is empathy, putting yourself in your child’s shoes is very important. He is learning to deal with a world he has just arrived in. No less significant is how it will feed itself. It takes a calm and peaceful environment so that he can gradually learn to eat. Too much noise can distract you which prevents you from tasting it, can induce you to consume more than you need and the release of hormones responsible for satiety happens more slowly than it should.

According to some experts, we, as an adult, need to feed in quiet environments, away from TVs and electronics, imagine a baby?

The right is to have a place inside the house that is fixed to carry out the lactation moments. It can be in the bedroom, or living room, even in the kitchen, the important thing is that the two, mother and son, are connected.

5. Breastfeeding Time

During the first three months of life, the baby is in charge of breastfeeding, it is the period called “free demand”. He breastfeeds in the morning, in the afternoon, at night, and at dawn, about 15 minutes in each breast. This information is important and another one of the good tips for breastfeeding so that the mother can, as far as possible, organize her time. There are 30 minutes for each feeding from 8 to 12 times a day, yes, the mother can do almost nothing but take a quick shower and feed herself running, after all she is the only provider of food for that first moment of the child.


For the new mother to be able to follow the tips for breastfeeding, the whole family must participate in the event. If it does not, a very heavy weight can fall on her back, after all she will already be sleepless, without eating, and without time to even look in the mirror. If she starts doing chores around the house, for example, she will be very tired and may not be able to take care of the baby with as much dedication as the moment requires.

It is necessary to be aware that this woman went through a gestation of at least 38 weeks, then one at delivery. Empathy must reign for this new mother to shine.