5 Ways You Can Style White Shirt For Men

White shirts are the quintessential clothing that will be found in every men’s wardrobe. An archetype classic white shirt is known for its versatility. If you think about it, what’s the best classic combination? The answer will always revolve around a white shirt for men that has been paired with pants or trousers or shorts! While women’s fashion keeps on changing, there’s something extremely reassuring about men’s evergreen style. 

There’s something so beautiful about men’s shirt that it can transform a rogue textured look into a look of an unruffled man. If chosen correctly, shirts for men can simply do wonders! You got to select the right fit and style to find your perfect one. Whether you are shopping online or offline, kindly ensure to choose shirts for men that are comfortable and breathable. No one likes to wear a shirt that’s too tight.

I have known men who end up buying different colours of the same shirt. That’s a strict no. If you don’t like shopping, go online and only add something that you really like in the cart. But if you are someone who loves shopping, try out different patterns & pair them with something different. Experiment & explore your fashion style and buy some amazing clothing pieces that are just perfect for you. 

Why White Shirts?

Honestly, it’s the most versatile piece of clothing anyone can own! You can wear it for almost every occasion; dress up or dress down with just a few changes irrespective of any trends. In fact, you can match a white shirt with any color of pants and it will be still considered stylish. That said, trends keep on changing but the elegance of a white shirt will always be perpetual! 

There are different types of shirts available in the market. So depending on the occasion, choose your shirts carefully. It can get overwhelming but fret not; I have made a small list. Here are five different ways you can style your white shirt for men.

1. White Shirt with Jeans

Everyone knows this one. It is the oldest way of styling a shirt! But the type of shirt & jeans can make a lot of difference. A Cuban style shirt that’s paired with jeans screams casual. On the other hand, a formal white shirt that’s tucked in with fitted jeans is perfect for a dinner date. 

As always, simplicity lies in the details. If you are opting for a casual look, choose either chambray or a poplin style shirt with a button-down collar. For a formal look, choose a fitted shirt that has a dense weave.

2. White Shirt With Trousers

This option can work as smart casual & formal depending on the shirt and pants. A simple white snug shirt that’s tucked into a pair of relaxed trousers is perfect for a small party. If you want to rock a formal look, pair your white shirt with formal trousers and oxford shoes. This outfit is perfect for meetings and conferences. 

3. White Shirt With Suits

What can I say about this outfit?! You simply can’t go wrong with this pairing. You can experiment with the colors of your tie and pocket square according to the color of the suit. Pair your white sateen finish shirt with a dark navy suit or a grey one. But to ensure that the suit is perfect for you – keep in mind a few things. It is important to know the cut you prefer and the different kinds of cuffs that may go well with the suit! Always opt for a concealed placard. It makes a lot of difference and these small details will make you stand out from the crowd. 

4. White Shirt With Shorts

If you want an outfit that screams summer then it has to be a white linen shirt and a pair of shorts. Staple wear for summer and beaches, this outfit is worth the investment. Wondering why? Because a high-quality linen shirt is good for your skin. It is super comfortable, light, and is hypoallergenic! Linen shirt does form creases over time but that’s why it’s great for casual wear! It sort of gives a sense of nonchalance.

With a linen shirt, you can also experiment with the details – see whether a breast pocket or a short sleeve or a mandarin collar works for you. You can pair an off white shirt with green colored shorts. It’s a good outfit for a pool party too! 

5. White Linen With Chinos

White shirt and chinos are the best combinations if you are looking for smart casual. Pair it up with khaki chinos with white sneakers and you are good to go for an office event or friend’s birthday party. If you want to make it a little bit more formal, opt for a white linen shirt with grey chino pants and a belt. You can try a striped chino pant for the otherwise classic look. 

Different types of fabrics:

Before you buy white shirts for men, you need to also understand the different kinds of fabrics/materials that are available in the market. Cotton and linen shirts are a must in your wardrobe. They are known for their breathability and lightness. For a party wear look, opt for blended-cotton shirts. For formal wear, opt for linen shirts. You can pair it with pleated trousers and formal shoes. You can check out some amazing collections from the linen club. And oh, while we are on the subject, a linen shirt is sustainable and lasts pretty long. So, double yay! 

Viscose or rayon is an artificial fabric that is made from either cotton or silk. It is pretty popular for the way it drapes on the body and is a cheap alternative to silk. You can choose this fabric for party wear. Another well-known material is polyester. I don’t think I need to say much- it’s a synthetic fabric and most blended shirts have certain percentages of polyester in them. It’s perfect for rainy wear and is pretty low on maintenance.

So, how do you style your white shirts? Let me know in the comment section below!

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