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7 Digital Marketing Trends You Better Not Ignore In 2020

Digital marketing is the backbone of every brand’s success. To put it simply, if your business is on the internet, you can’t ignore digital marketing at any cost. So, it’s very important to stay updated with any new thing that could be a trail blazer or trend-setter on digital space. And digital marketing trends are bound to be volatile. Therefore, it pays off handsomely for your brand’s success, if you keep abreast of what’s going new in the digital world.

To continue the discussion, we have jotted down seven digital marketing trends intended to enlighten you with updates (Google Ranking Factors) to make your digital branding more customized to compete with the volatile digital market of today.

Trend # 01 – Automated Technology

A report published in Forbes magazine has revealed that the advertising process would be automated by 80%, which would surely translate a dramatic shift over conventional ads. The benefits of automation tools today, ranging from boosted workflow to enhanced personal interaction with cloud users accentuate the power of this avant-garde technology. Besides, improved user experience, streamlined workflow, and faster leads generation are some of the capabilities that automation has generated, aiming to help the digital business grow by leaps and bounds.

Trend # 02 – Tik Tok Advertising

The social app Tik Tok for creating, editing, filtering, and adding special effects to short videos is now talk of the town with its increasing popularity as a tangible marketing medium in this social-media-sphere.

According to this report, Tik Tok is said to have beaten down Facebook, YouTube and Instagram in terms of the number of downloads in October 2018, on the app stores, Apple and Google.

This multi-lingual operated app has 60% of users under 30 and 40% of them are teenagers. Today this app is operational with 75 languages in 150 nations worldwide. Today it is crazily popular because of its enormous outreach potential.

Trend # 03 – Powerful And Interactive Content

Don’t fall prey to the adage – content is king – just because you think it is.

The catch is, content is really king. But it soon turns into a beggar if it does not sound interactive and highly engaging to your potential readers/audiences. The increasing demand for interactive content is an evil necessity for brands today if they want to stick to the business and gain a competitive edge in the digital world. If your content is not engaging, relevant, and accessible via any device, your business persona gradually fades into oblivion in the digital space.

Interactive content is one of the shining examples of today’s digital marketing trends.

Trend # 04 – Social influencer marketing

From Facebook to LinkedIn and Twitter, the famous brands are leaving no stone unturned to maximize their business potential by using influencers to have their products/services endorsed through the voice that the fans of internet celebrity trust. Therefore, it is barely a surprise when you experience personalized influencer marketing as a prime catalyst for big brands. As per the influencer marketing report, influencer marketing is said to generate a business of more than $10 billion by next year. It means the replacement of somehow obsolete marketing tactics like corporate advertising to get consumers’ trust.

Trend # 04 – Power Tech like Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial intelligence is a behemoth topic that is said to rule the roost in the 2020 digital marketing landscape. We have already experienced how AI-based search command is transforming the lifestyle of people on a quest to something of their desire on the web, and how Alexa, Siri, and Google Home are transforming the lives of mankind with their tech brilliance. Undoubtedly, power tech like AI and machine learning is the cherry on top, when it comes to telling about trendsetting digital marketing aspects.

Trend # 05 – Super Brand Engagement Than Traffic Inflow

No longer is brand besotted with traffic drive to their digital business. Now is the time for building up loyal and engaged audiences than faceless traffic that contributes nothing to the digital growth of a brand.

In fact, brand building is one of the most powerful digital marketing trends emerging as a great way to convert your returning visitors into potential leads. With powerful blogs, podcasts, newsletter,s and marketing campaigns in tune with the desire of your prospects, you can build a terrific brand identity for your digital business.

Trend # 06 – The Unbeatable Grace Of Video Content

Though the significance of textual content stays relevant and would be so in the future. But in today’s increasing digital marketing scenario, video content is a real deal-breaker. In fact, various reports have already predicted that video content would rule the roost in the digital marketing space; based on the fact of how superb engagement and retention benefits that video content generates compared to any medium a brand can ever think of.

Trend # 07 – Chatbots

Back in the time of 2015, when the discussion revolving around integrating chatbots into marketing campaigns was laughed off, many brands chose not to listen to mockery, and instead, they embraced the technology. Now, their roaring success subsequent to chatbots adaption to their digital business is an example of how chatbots are great digital marketing trends to influence your digital branding.


The power of new technology can’t be underestimated with its effective contribution to digital businesses from around the globe. You see, from transforming the extension of your customer’s reach on a global scale to transcending your digital presence as a brand, powerful technologies have their fair share of contributions and would remain so in the future. Therefore, one must ensure being fully updated with digital marketing trends taking place as a replacement order of their outdated counterparts.

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