7 Hacks for Carpet Cleaning You Must Try

Although wood-style and hardwood flooring have dominated the flooring industry yet numerous people are there still prefer wall-to-wall carpeting for the homes. Despite the preferences, it comes with numerous benefits. It has much to offer ranging from comforting the bare feet to sound dampening. 

Also when it comes to maintenance like carpet cleaning, it can be done easily with minimum wear and tear. For that, you should know some carpet cleaning hacks which we have put down here for your reference. Be it a cozy rug-like thing or wall-to-wall carpeting, these hacks are going to be your best companion for many years to come.   

DIY Carpet Cleaning Hacks You Can Try Out

1. Use lint roller for extracting small debris

Many times, suction or vacuum fails to extract every bit of spills, pet hair, crumbs, and dirt (especially grains). As a result, they start nesting down into the piles. According to the experts, dry chem or regular steam is a mandatory task everyone should perform on their carpet once in every 6-month. 

Only high-end steam cleaner can put up about 95% of the dirt from the fibres of the carpet. Actually to get rid of those pesky particles you can make use of lint roller as an alternative. Extra manpower is needed to get done for the dirt-stuck fibre is its only downside. Within 15 minutes a room covered with carpet will be done efficiently.  

2. Squeegee can remove pet dander from the carpets

If you have pets especially dogs and cats then you should be familiar to the pet dander and hairs they leave behind everywhere they access. Although it can’t stick to the upholstery and furniture yet it can surely blend with the fibres of carpet and rug. 

You can use a squeegee for the removal of the pet dander effectively only from short-length fibred carpets. Just rinse it well before rubbing it all over the carpet to pick up every inch of pet hair. 

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3. Heat application is great for the removal of stubborn stains

Many stains are quite challenging to remove completely from the carpet. In this case, the application of heat can be your best companion with maximum effect. You may find out various ways to remove stains using an iron but here we have come up with 5 easy steps:

  • Dirt should be removed using a daily vacuum cleaner
  • Mix vinegar and water in 1:3 ratios for pre-treating the stubborn stains
  • Allow it to sit and work for about 10 minutes
  • Use a rag or towel for covering up the stain
  • Press the area gently and be maneuver not to damage the fibres 

The blended pressure of heat, vinegar and water allows the stain to relocate from carpet to towel or rag.  

4. Stain should be blot not rubbed

Generally, we prefer rubbing to clean a number of items in your daily life starting from dinnerware to your shoes. In spite of an instinctual reaction whilst it is about the carpet cleaning – rubbing is a big no which is one of the carpet cleaning hacks. Accompanied by manual pressure it will ruin the carpet condition even more. As much as you rub as deep the stain will seep into. At last, cleaning will become impossible.  

Hence you should blot keeping in mind that:

  • To start from the edges of the stain to proceed towards the origin. Working vice versa can spread stain even more. 
  • Fibres need an arrangement. Blotting can’t be done the opposite as it will ruin the piece completely. 

5. Effective and safe DIY solution for deep cleaning 

The marketplace becomes oversaturated with the products stuffed with abrasive chemicals to deep clean the carpet. However, detergents are also abrasive in nature and cause damage to the carpet besides health risks. 

Check out the organic recipe below for home steam cleaner for your carpet:

Ingredients you need:

  • Hot water
  • A normal fabric softener
  • Dish soap
  • Essential oils
  • White vinegar
  • Hydrogen Peroxide


  • Take 3/4th cup of the hydrogen peroxide in the cup
  • Pour 1/4th cup of white vinegar
  • After that, pour 2 tablespoons of dish soap
  • Pour 2 tablespoon of any normal fabric softener you take
  • Mix it well and dilute using a hot water gallon 
  • Optional: if you want you can add few drops of your favorite essential oil (colorless) for neutralizing the scent of vinegar

It may be not so powerful unlike off-the-shelf carpet shampoos yet this DIY cleaning solution is affordable and harmless when it comes to deep cleaning your carpet without damage. 

6. Shaving cream can be used for carpet shampooing 

Wear and tear are common for the light and bright shaded carpets. Basically, neutral colors are more vulnerable to be victims of pet and kid stains, mud marks, and accidents. The use of shaving cream to clean the carpet efficiently is the hack that not so many people are used to know. 

This cost-friendly option actually does wonders on the carpet by dealing with aged stubborn stains and rejuvenating the piles to freshen it up. That’s why shaving cream is also recognised as anti-aging solution for the carpet leaving a fresh and aromatic carpet pile behind.

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7. Prepare DIY carpet deodoriser 

Carpet deodorisation at a regular basis will keep the unpleasant smell at bay. Rather investing in harmful chemical-loaded stuff, prepare a deodoriser on your own.  Take few drops of the preferred essential oil and mix a couple of tablespoon of Borax. 

Add two cups of baking soda to the mixture and DIY deodorizer is on the go. Sprinkle extensively all over the carpet and let it sit for about 10 minutes before vacuuming. Once vacuuming is done the carpet is ready to use again. This natural solution is 100% safe and ingestion can be avoided easily. You can apply the mixture beyond the areas that need to be treated.  

Carpet cleaning hacks are a must whereas the heftiest task you can ever find. Surrounded by so many chemical-rich products that often come with fake promises, eco-friendly hacks are best to opt for. All aforesaid hacks will guide you to retain the look and feel of the carpet in an eco-friendly and cost-efficient manner. 

If you seem it a burden then choose a reliable carpet cleaning company to get the job done in the most expected and efficient manner.