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7 Ideas To Make Outstanding Pre Wedding Shoot

“The wedding functions last for a few days, but photographs stay forever. “Yes, weddings are the most twinkling moments in one’s life. But it is also true that the couple rarely get time to truly connect with each other in the rush of various ceremonies. That’s why they prefer to have a pre wedding shoot a few weeks or months before the wedding day. This crafts romantic chemistry between them and brings them closer. The photo session before marriage allows couples to frame unforgettable memories with their someone special. 

Generally, pre-wedding shoots are carried far from home in a nice spot or location. Some couples prefer to have photoshoots on beaches or lakes and others in historical locations. It entirely depends on the choice and the taste of the would-be couple. Expert wedding photographers from Bristol and all around the world recommend keeping the pre wedding shoot candid as much as possible. 

They suggest not giving excessive direction to the couple and paying attention to their natural smile as well as shyness. Let them do whatever they want and capture the moment quietly without intruding. It may sound easy, but capturing the candid shots of a couple is quite challenging. It is very different from formal and planned photography.

Hence, one needs to put a bit of extra effort to make photography business lucrative. Here are some tips that can help in creating stunning images during a pre wedding shoot.

1. Make Use Of Longer Lens

The top wedding photographers often use longer lenses to shoot pre-wedding photo sessions. The longer lenses help them in capturing romantic close-ups of the couple without being close to them. This makes the couple more comfortable. Moreover, these lenses result in flattering images and highlights every feature of the subject, which is quite impossible with medium-sized and low-sized lenses. So, if anyone wants to click stunning images of would-be couples, use 80mm/200 mm lenses for the shoot.

2. Help Couples To Decide The Location

Generally, couples decide the pre-wedding shoot venues on their own. However, sometimes they pick such locations which cannot meet their photography needs. Being a savvy photographer, you should discuss the needs of your clients before signing the contract. And if they have chosen the wrong location, you should guide them to choose the appropriate destination. 

3. Shoot In Natural Light

As mentioned earlier, a pre wedding shoot is not a planned event. The clicks must look natural and delightful. Sun light is perfect for capturing romantic images. Moreover, one can take advantage of the golden hours to give their best to the client. Avoid using artificial lights as it steals the natural beauty of the moment as well as of the subject. But yes, if the client demands dramatic shots, in that case, one can use the backlights. 

4. Set You Shutter Speed Wisely

The long lenses can introduce blurry effects in the clicks. Therefore, it is vital to keep shutter speed quite high. For crisp and clear shots, the shutter speed must be 1/focal length of the camera. But if you still experience the blurriness in the images, it would be better to set the shutter speed 1/2xfocal length. For instance, if the camera’s focal length is 200mm, its shutter speed must be 1/400.

5. Visit The Location Before Shoot

Like any other type of photo shoot, wedding photographers also need to scout the pre-wedding venue a day ahead. It helps them to find out the location with the best lighting and allows them to keep a plethora of options in the back of their mind. Moreover, it will give ideas of gear which they require for the pre-wedding shoot. 

6. Use Flattering Angles

The flattering camera angle creates the best pre wedding portrait. This makes the clients look slimmer and sharper. So, to capture eye-catching shots, don’t hassle to keep the camera slightly higher than the subject’s eye level. 

7. Break The Jitter

Some couples are confident while others are quite shy. The shyness can ruin the clicks. Therefore, if you are working with a timid person, it is crucial to break their nervousness. You can do this by communicating casually and cracking some jokes.


From the above listed 8 ideas, you come to know about how to take the perfect photos for pre-wedding. These tips will also help to take natural looking wedding photos also.