7 Moonstone Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

The Mystical Moonstone

The stone of the new beginnings and the bringer of new energies, moonstone has made its place since ancient times. The beautiful moonstone has the mystical powers of the moon and soothes the mind-body and soul. It opens up the spiritual realm and sets the soul free to the tranquil energies. Here in this post, we will explain in detail about 7 moonstone facts.

The stunning moonstone comes in a broad color palette with white, pink, grey, peach, yellow, blue, and green colors. At the same time, some come in translucent and others completely colorless. The most popular moonstone comes from India and Sri Lanka, making beautiful pieces of moonstone jewelry.

The History and Lore of the Mystical Moonstone

Moonstone has a different meaning in different cultures. Still, one thing remains the same: the moonstone is the stone of the inward journeys with the supernatural powers of the moon. The Greeks honored moonstone as the ‘aphroselene’ because of the goddesses Aphrodite and Selene. While the Romans believed, that the moonstone has the solidified rays of the moon and called it the moonbeam stone, they also believed that wearing the moonstone jewelry will help them see their moon goddess Diana. There is one similarity seen in both the cultures; Romans and Greek linked moonstone with their lunar deities.

The moonstone was a loved gemstone for centuries but got great coverage during the art nouveau period in Europe. When the Famous French goldsmith “Rene Lalique” and other goldsmith combined the efforts to make moonstone the trendiest jewelry of that era. It was the first time when moonstone jewelry got highlighted into astonishing jewelry pieces around the world.

7 Amazing Moonstone Facts

1. Moonstone is a birthstone

The moonstone with the glinting sheen is one of the most loved gemstones that makes stunning moonstone jewelry. Moonstone, the birthstone for June, is the second gemstone for the people born in June has the striking light that makes the wearer shine. The gem for the June babies’ moonstone brings good luck, prosperity, and passion to them. Wearing moonstone jewelry brings them closer to their higher purpose.

2. Moonstone comes from 60% of the earth’s surface

Some believe that the moonstone has fallen from the sky and is part of the moon. In contrast, this is not the case. Moonstone is found on earth which is one of the don’t know moonstone facts and belongs to the family of feldspar mineral that makes the 60% of the earth crust. Two types of feldspar minerals that make up moonstone are albite and orthoclase; the two minerals are intermixed and cools down to form the moonstone; the minerals in this orthoclase group are rich in potassium, which also causes the striking play of the colors in contact with natural light.

3. Moonstone has an impressive play of colors

Have you heard of the name adularescence? The striking play of the colors in the moonstone when it comes to light reflects the multiple colors making a stunning display. This phenomenon is called adularescence. This breath-taking play of colors represents the moonlight falling on the tranquil sea in the dark night, making the moonstone’s essence. Because of this spectacular play, moonstone jewelry is admired around the world.

4. Moonstone from around the world

This beguiling beauty is being found worldwide in countries like Myanmar, Brazil, Norway, the USA, Germany, Tanzania, and Madagascar. But the most elite and one-of-a-kind moonstone are found in India and Sri Lanka. The most precious moonstone jewelry is made with the rainbow moonstone found in Sri Lanka. It has a rich sheen and stunning adularescence. 

5. Moonstone is an ancient relic

Just like the moon itself, moonstone is an ancient gemstone. Denying the theories, moonstone is one of the oldest gems found on the earth. It is believed that it has the moon’s powers and carries the yin energies that make the moonstone one of the best gemstones. People around the cultures have cherished moonstone jewelry which had so much more essence to it.

6. Moonstone has astonishing benefits and healing properties

From the color of the moon and the tranquility of the water, moonstone is a healing gemstone. It calms the fears and helps the person to connect to their better self.

Some of the fantastic properties of the moonstone are listed below,

  • Moonstone is an excellent stone for females; it carries the yin energies and helps women find balance and control over their emotions and anger. It also helps in alleviating the pain during childbirth. Wearing moonstone helps to deal with hormonal imbalances and also helps in increasing fertility.
  • Moonstone, the gemstone of the inward journeys, helps people overcome stress and calm their fears. It brings new changes and opportunities to a wearer’s life, making it the stone of new beginnings.
  • Moonstone also helps heal the physical pain and improves blood circulation; it also boosts digestion and eliminates the problems related to the spleen, pancreas, and liver.
  • Moonstone improves the power of intuition and boosts the wearer’s self-confidence, proving him the zeal and passion for life.

7. Moonstone makes unique and magical moonstone jewelry

Moonstone, the gemstone filled with magic and color, makes some stunning pieces of moonstone jewelry. This perplexing moonstone jewelry is admired and loved worldwide by gemstone jewelry retailers and lovers.

Moonstone can be worn in the form of moonstone rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets. They come in the shape of small faceted stones or big cabochons and even raw. These stunning pieces of jewelry set the stage on fire for its admirer.

The phenomenal moonstone is best for every occasion and every event. It makes the perfect piece of jewelry that just complements and completes every look.


From here listed 7 moonstone facts, you can understand how moonstone is useful either it is in life or jewelry. Moonstone is a beautiful gemstone that makes lovely jewelry.

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