7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Drinking Experience

Drinking is fun and enjoyable for us. Let’s be honest. Sometimes, too much drinking can lead you to accidents & injuries and make you face serious embarrassments. Frequent drinking of alcoholic drinks is harmful to your health. All of you are well aware of the drinking facts. However, you go to a beer bar or make an arrangement to drink your favorite alcoholic beverages. By being careful and following a few steps, you can improve your drinking experience and keep yourself safe. Here are some of those steps:

1. Have a beer bar or drinking area in your home

The safest way to drink with your friends is to have a drinking area or a beer bar in your home. For this, you can select a home area and forbid others (who don’t drink) to come into it. For a better experience, place an ideal table with the respective number of chairs in the selected area. Further, have a few table coaster sets to avoid the mess after your drinking session. With the same, you can keep your table, chair, or fabrics from drink stains. You can cover your drinks by placing wooden coasters on them. 

2. Comprehend how much drink you should have

Drinking red wine or high-grade alcoholic drinks is a part of a healthy lifestyle. Drinking a small-mid peg of alcoholic beverages is good for your health. A standard drink is 10 grams of ethanol (alcohol). It is the alcohol amount that your body produces in an hour. Your age, gender, and body weight have a greater impact on how much drink you can easily handle. Drinking more than your set amount (daily dosage), might trigger the risk of having health and other issues. 

3. Have your meal before or between your drinking sessions

Via your stomach and small intestine, alcohol gets into your bloodstream. Alcohol entry into your bloodstream will take place more quickly if you start drinking on an empty stomach. Therefore, you should take a light meal before you move ahead to take your first peg. To make your eating and drinking better, you should :

  • Drink enough water
  • Avoid mixing alcohol with energy or sugary drinks
  • Say no to salty snacks, as they will trigger your thirst and encourage you to drink more 

4. Extend your drinking with alcohol-free drinks

The effect of alcohol on you depends on your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Higher BAC means you will have a higher risk of overdose or injury. According to medical sciences, your body takes around an hour to produce a standard peg of alcohol. To stay safe and have a better drinking experience, you should take a drink like the below:

  • Opt for a lower peg of alcoholic drinks
  • Prefer to sip to gulp
  • Drink plenty of water to control your thirst 
  • Take non-alcoholic drinks between your alcoholic drinks

5. Avoid drinking games or bets 

When you are in a drinking game or bet on who can drink more, you drink much more than 4 drinks in one session. As a result, you might get drunk, face embarrassment, get hurt, suffer alcohol poisoning, or put yourself in a risky situation. For a better drinking experience, you should avoid participating in any drinking game/bet, skolling races, or anything similar to it that can encourage you to have more and more drinks.

6. Avoid driving a vehicle after drink

Almost law in every country is against drink and drive. Even if your blood alcohol concentration is low, you are not fit to drive your car. If you have to drive your vehicle to reach your home or a destination, you must avoid taking an alcoholic drink at any level. Instead of drinking and driving, you should:

  • Focus on how and when you will reach your home
  • Decide who will drive the vehicle after the party or an outing
  • Ensure to have enough money to book a taxi to reach your home safely if you drink
  • Use public transport

7. Say no to alcoholic drinks

You must say no to drinking if you are young enough, you are anxious/depressed, you are planning a pregnancy, you are on medication, or you are breastfeeding a baby. No alcoholic drink is allowed to children or people below the age of 18 years.


How to enhance your drinking experience completely depends on you. It is you who have to decide when you should and when you shouldn’t drink alcohol. To have a safer drinking experience, you can opt for drinking at home instead of a bar and must avoid driving and too much drinking. Have a healthy drinking (a peg a day) to enjoy your life.