8 Tips to Keep your Pets from Damaging the House

We definitely love our pets, but not the damage they cause to the house, be it fur remains or chewing off the furniture. Regardless of the situation, find out how to protect house from pet damage ensuring the safety of your furry friend. Are you ready to adopt a pet, or you already have one, and want to damage-proof your house? Protecting the home from pet damage is similar to shopping for Spectrum TV packages – quite overwhelming! But we are here to help. 

1: Trim Their Nails

First things first, trim your pet’s nails to prevent the damage. If you don’t know how to trim them, take your pet to a local groomer’s shop. They usually take walk-ins for trims.

2: Get a Scratching Alternative

Pets like cats love to scratch. If you don’t provide them an alternative, they will be scratching the sofa or anything they like.

You might have to train them to use a scratching pad or a sisal pole. But before you buy one, figure out what your pet likes to scratch on.

3: Make Them Exercise

Does your dog chew too much? This happens when the dog is stimulated. It means he has too much energy, which he is taking out on the couch or somewhere else.

If you come home and your pet has destroyed things, it’s a sign they need to exercise. Keep them busy with some kind of brain-stimulating activity. Get them a chew toy and take them out to exercise and regular walks. You may also take them to the blackguard for basic ball throwing.

Another reason why some dogs chew is separation anxiety. As the owner leaves the house, the dog goes through stress panic and chews on whatever it can grab. If that’s the problem, leave your dog alone in incremental periods. Increase the time away gradually until your buddy adjusts.

4: Set Boundaries

If you are tired of cleaning fur from the sofa, try placing a throw on the sofa to protect the furniture from dog hair and drool marks. Use a lint roller to clear up the rouge.

In case that doesn’t work, maybe it’s time to set boundaries. Train them not to sit on the sofa. Get them a snuggly bed, and make sure there is plenty in there to keep your pet occupied.

5: Remove Dangerous Items

Pets are just like babies. They try to get into everything. Therefore, take the time to inspect your home and remove all hazardous items from the way. Get the electrical cords out of the way. Cover outlets with outlet plugs.

Store detergents and household cleaners in the cabinets and keep them locked. Trash cans can be dangerous items for pets as well. It’s best to buy the one with a closed lid because pets tend to tip them over while running.

6: Don’t Forget Playtime

Pets need regular playtime to stay active and get rid of anxiety. It’s great if your pet already has a toy perfect for its age and size. Don’t forget that they would love to play with you as well. No toy can replace the time spent with the owner.

While the two of you are playing, to teach them what’s ok to play with and what’s not.

7: Crate Train Your Pet

The best way to keep a pet from destroying things at home is crate training. Some owners don’t like to keep their pets inside the crate while they are away from home. If that’s you, get a baby-proof gate to keep your pet from running wild inside the house when you are not home.

8: Place the Litter Boxes In the Right Place

Pet poo is not the smell you would like to sniff the moment you enter the home. Your guests wouldn’t love that either, therefore, place the litter box away from the home’s entrance. Also, keep the litter boxes clean. Some pets don’t like to reuse dirty boxes.


Positive reinforcement training can take a while, so be prepared for some level of damage. Reward your buddy as they are learning. Hopefully, with these tips, you will be able to protect house from pet damage while you are away.