benefits of ajwain

9 Surprising Health Benefits of Ajwain

Such kind of spice is widely used in almost every Indian kitchen, isn’t it? What makes it special? Since its flavour makes every Indian dish taste just wow, Modern Agro Ajwain are hard to be replaced and too good to be ignored. The benefits of Ajwain are many but very few people know about it. Overall, it carries a great flavour and many nutrients & vitamins that your body requires. 

The need for Carom Seeds comes to every mind when we come across several stomach disorders like constipation, hard stools, bloating, indigestion, and a gastric stomach. How can we get rid of either of the above-mentioned problems? The very old solution is Carrom Seeds that keep your stomach out of any troubles or discomforts. 

Benefits of Ajwain/Carom

1. Improve your digestion process: 

  • When your stomach is finding hard passing stools almost every day, you can consume ajwain powder right with a glass of lukewarm water.
  • Incredibly nutritious and takes good care of your health in many different ways.

2. Relieves you from the problems of Indigestion & Acidic Stomach:

One of the best benefits of ajwain is that your mother tends to add Ajwain Powder to almost every meal of yours so that you never come in contact with an upset stomach or other associated stomach troubles, which tend to act as sources of irritation. In other words, consume Ajwain Powder with warm water to keep your stomach out of any gastric problems.

3. Say goodbye to a runny nose:

Modern Agro carom seeds release you from severe colds, headaches, migraines, etc. You can make your own recipe out of carom seeds and see how the recipe works in your favour. 

Let’s shed some light on the recipe we have for you:

Heat the Modern Agro’s carom seeds with an ounce of jaggery and consume it two times a day. 

4. Ajwain is Good for toothache:

  • The other benefit of ajwain is that it not acts as a mouth freshener but also maintains overall oral hygiene.
    • Arrange a hot glass of water
    • Add the seeds of carom to it
    • Start gargling properly

5. For cuts or wounds all over your skin:

With the presence of Thymol that comes by default with carom seeds, your skin can be relieved from the pain of cuts or wounds or any kind of injury. 

6. No longer grey hair:

All you need is a concrete mixture of curry leaves, dry grapes, sugar, and carom seeds to prevent your hair from turning grey and make the mixture ready to drink right after heating it for 1-2 minutes. Drink the nutritious mixture up and wait for the wonder to take its place. 

7. Can’t be left with acne scars if you have a great fack pack in your mind: 

What you need to do is make use of Ajwain Powder and apply the powder directly to your affected portions for about 10-15 mins. Cleanse the dirt off your face surface. 

8. Fights inflammation & the problem of Arthritis:

Carom seeds possess healing properties that help fight inflammatory effects like redness, swelling, etc. Soak the joints in a tubful of hot water having the super effective seeds of carom within it. 

9. Ajwain Helps in weight loss:

You can take sips of Ajwain water regularly just to enhance your metabolism & digestion within a few days which is also one of the best ajwain benefits which you can’t ignore. To bring your body back in shape, you must have this Ajwain water every day. Also, to make the whole drink tastier, you can add a few drops of honey & don’ forget to consume it right after you wake up. 

How can one use Ajwain seeds?

  • You can make use of those Ajwain seeds to give some flavour to the dish you are cooking on medium flame.
  • Can be used to treat acne scars; acts as an ideal pack to acne-prone skin.
  • Can be applied over your affected tooth.
  • Can be consumed for losing some kilos with one glass of Ajwain water daily.

In what amounts should Ajwain be consumed?

Whether you consume Ajwain in its powdered form or its raw form, it benefits you both ways. 

It is advised to be consumed daily for half an hour before having your breakfast and early morning.

Please Note:

Since there are chances of encountering excess blood loss, it is suggested not to consume Ajwain during or after surgery. It’s better if you avoid using Ajwain to prevent the excess loss of blood.

Mothers who breastfeed their babies are advised not to make use of carom seeds.

If you are diagnosed with liver disease, it’s advised not to consume seeds of carom as it will only aggravate, not alleviate.