free antivirus software windows10

Antivirus software for Windows 10 is used to safeguard your PC from malware. It is one of the computer programs. This type of software are necessary while mostly you are surfing online or do things online because it helps to detect computer viruses and protect your PC to entering in it.

Most popular antivirus software for Windows 10

 avast antivirus

Avast Antivirus

Avast Free Antivirus Software is scanning your PC for performance issue as well as security and wherever it found any issue then inform you to fix it. It works in real time. In last year (2018), it was awarded with ‘prestigious 2018 Product of the Year award’. It comes with features like Intelligent Antivirus, CyberCapture, Wi-Fi Inspector and Smart Scan. Avast antivirus has multi layers for security that protects your PC from almost all threats. Its new security feature include facility such as anti-phishing software, a do-not-disturb mode & a system that protects your data-sensitive files from spyware. It is the best software for Windows, Andriod and iPhone.

Download Avast Free Antivirus Free from here.

Kaspersky Antivirus

kaspersky antivirus free

Kaspersky Free Antivirus software helps you to keep your PC protected in many ways. It stops viruses to entering in your PC & if found dangerous files or apps then this software blocks it. It also keep you updated about suspicious websites if you are browsing any one online. Its free version comes with basic antivirus and threat protection.

Download Kaspersky Free Antivirus Free from here.

Bitdefender Antivirus

bitdefender free antivirus

Bitdefender Free Antivirus keeps your PC away from all latest malware. It was also awarded in 2018 for’ Malware Protrction Test’. It is very easy in installation & takes less space compared other antivirus software that’s why not slowing down your PC. It comes features such as Anti-phishing, Anti-Fraud, Intelligent Antivirus, Advanced threat defense and Web attack prevention. Its automatic update feature keeps to safe if forgot to update it manually.

Download Bitdefender Antivirus Free from here.

AVG AntiVirus

AVG AntiVirus free

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AVG Free Antivirus is best option to secure your PC. Its news feature can now scan issues of malware and performance as well as protect your PC from malicious activities such as unsafe links, downloads, & email attachments. It never slow sown your PC. You can also get real time security updates. It is recommended for personal use only not for business and commercial use. AVG Antivirus is also available for android and mac.

Download AVG AntiVirus Free from here.

360 Total Security

360 total security

360 Total Security AntiVirus is the best security solution of PC security and performance. It has features like Multi Engine Protection, Sandbox,System Protection,Internet Protection, Privacy Protection, Clean Up, Speed Up, WiFi security check etc. 360 Total Security antivirus new feature ‘Anti-Ransomware’ helps to protect your documents in real time by stopping malicious activities. Its supported platforms are Windows, Mac, and Android. Its multiple features makes 360 Total Security Antivirus software the most popular in the market.

Download 360 Total Security Free from here.