BeatsX In-Ear Headphones Review

Beats by Dre has not been something new that has come up in the market. It has been there for a long time and ruling the audio products market. But, with the BeatsX it has broken the traditional earphones stereotype and come up with wireless in-ear headphones. Coming from Apple, these are pretty ear inclines and borrows something from the last Beats products too.

The product with good design, less tangling, and nice audio too will always win the hearts and BeatsX is something like that only. The new feature called Quick Charge has also been introduced which many headsets from Apple or Beats by Dre never used. So, now you can charge your device pretty fats and Apple’s new W1 chip is icing on the cake to preserve battery.

Crossing the ten grands margin in India, these are pretty expensive. But, are the new BeatsX headphones the best created by Apple

Let’s check it out in the BeatsX In-Ear Headphones review below:

Design and Specifications

BeatsX Wireless is not the truly wireless one but gets the design of the in-ear headphones connects with a wire. The two earbuds are connected via a cable that you can wrap around your neck.

These earbuds feel light and comfortable. Moreover, if you are running or jogging, the cable won’t let the buds come out of your ears. The wire has some in-line controls and a battery. So, you can change the music while running and connect with any virtual assistant like Google Assistant or Siri. You can easily buy this device online through Paytm where great deals help you to save your hard earned money. You can also earn money through Paytm Referral.

Talking about the in-line control, they are kept very simple. One can use them to raise or lower down the volume, pause or play the track, skip track and rewind it. It also has a built-in microphone which comes in handy while placing calls. These controls might look simple but are quite useful and effective.

The BeatsX is one of the most comfortable sets of wireless in-ear headphones. The flat cable lays comfortably on the neck and weighs light. To keep it, the major weight is put down at the cable going around the neck which makes the cable joining earbuds weigh light and stay comfortable. This will help to keep the earbuds in place and won’t fall out. BeatsX is a water-resistant product but not entirely waterproof. The sweaty workout can easily handle by this product but you can’t give in to the swimming pool with these in your ears. Outside the ears, you can snap them together with the built-in magnets. These will keep it neat and clean around the neck and won’t be tangled.

BeatsX Wireless in-ear headphones come in four color variants: Black, White, Grey, and Blue. So, you can match these earphones with your gym bag.

Talking about the design overall, the BeatsX is a well-designed product. Comparing it straight to AirPods, these one are not easy to lose, gives you better battery life and you can find the best set of eartip out of the four they provide.


Does BeatsX get the music touch in every aspect with these wireless earphones? Coming at $149, a user might expect a lot from the product in terms of sound quality. But, this device is not what a user will want in terms of sound at this price. On the highs, the sound is pretty clear with vocals. And, it doesn’t get on your nerves at extreme highs. But, it might have been more pronounced. Like Apple did in AirPods, lows, mids, and highs – they all perfectly balance. Here, this isn’t the case.

You can still hear the conversations happening nearby with these earphones on. But, the good thing about this product is that no sound leak is there. Even a person sitting next to you can hear which music you are listening and that is pretty nice.

This product won’t provide you the bass if you are the one looking for it. For most music lovers, it might not matter at all. But, for those who love rock and wants to listen to music with bass will be a bit disappointed.

Coming to the calling, BeatsX earphones provide a nice experience. The voices sounded clear both of the receiver and the caller. And, using it as a Bluetooth headset, it is really easy to pick and hang up the calls.

W1 Chip and battery life

Apple has integrated a new W1 chip in this product making it easier to sync with iOS devices and save battery life. Holding the BeatsX near to an iPhone will automatically ask you – if you’d like to pair the headphones? From Apple Watch to MacBook Pro, this works with every Apple device. W1 chip has something which we don’t know but compress the extra performance from the battery. BeatsX can give you eight hours of charge easily before a recharge.

Talking about Quick Charge, you can easily get 25 percent in just five minutes of charge. You might have to use a Lightning Cable to charge the headphones instead of USB-C.

Final Verdict

The BeatsX Wireless earphones are something for the gym freaks with solid ear fit, comfortable, and light. But, if you are just a standard audiophile and looking for a good in-ear wireless headphones, then this BeatsX can be something you can opt for. Yes, the noise cancellation feature and sealing out noise ruins the day. But, bigger battery life and easy to use with the iOS device will surely cheer you up. So, if you are looking for something which less of a problem than an entertainer, BeatsX can be the choice for you. But, if you don’t want to drop in such a big figure for earphones, then there are plenty more options you can lookout.