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5 Best HTML & CSS Code Editors For A Streamlined And Efficient Workflow!

Making errors is a common thing, the same applies while writing the code. But when you are working on professional projects that includes long coding, making errors and debug them can cause you a severe headache. So at that time, Html & CSS Code Editors will be most helpful for editing and correct coding mistakes like forgetting to close the tag or open the tag or many more coding errors.

There are some tools to facilitate us for trouble-free responsibilities, like spellcheckers for writing, Grammarly for correction of grammatical rules, and developing their readability. Most web developers use similar tools to code, and the HTML (HyperText Markup Language) editor one of them. 

Here we will discuss the 5 best HTML & CSS code editors’ functionality, purpose, and features so that you can select the best suits editor. Without wasting time! Let’s start.

What Is An HTML Editor?

It is software that lends a hand to web developers in creating convenient and functional HTML code. There are two kinds of HTML Editors: the first one is text editors, and the second type is the WYSIWYG editors.

Text Editors: This type of editor uses features like autocompletion and supports your writing codes. When you start typing HTML code, the text editor automatically closes the tags.

WYSIWYG editors: (What You See Is What You Get)  WYSIWYG editors are great for beginner developers as they show how the website would look like when you delete, add, or modify HTML code.

Popular Features Of HTML Code Editors 

HTML editors have many features we will cover more in the blog; while discussing the list of the best HTML editors. Apart from that, here are some popular features of HTML code editor:

  • Adding library for HTML entities.
  • The editor’s built-in FTP uploads the files faster.
  • Another critical feature is highlighting syntax errors.
  • Auto-completion.
  • You can analyze the files in a hierarchical pattern with the help of Site Explorer.
  • Advance HTML editors support languages like CSS and JavaScript.
  • The editors offer the feature of a split-screen view.
  • Search and replace feature, where the user can search for the specific keyword in a specific file or through the complete website.

There are many HTML code editors available online. These editors will omit the necessity for software installation and setting up the specific environment. Also, the majority of editors provide the basic features for free. And if you are a developer and desire to know more about the advanced features, you will have to avail help from professional developers.

5 Best Html & CSS Code Editors

As discusses above, the HTML editor and its prominent features. We can now work energetically and productively on the editors and select the most acceptable HTML  & CSS editor.

Usually, everyone has a different choice and taste. We waste a lot of time when it comes to choosing a platform, and it’s crucial to select one that best suits you for more productivity and efficiency. Each editor has different features. Let’s have a look at the HTML & CSS editors based on their primary functions and features. 

1. Atom

Atom is one more HMTL editor, a completely free and open-source editor build-up by the GitHub team. It primarily aims to provide a quality feel to the editor free of cost. It is a flexible tool that customizes the software itself.s

Key Features

  • Open Source Text Editor
  • Atom supports Teletype
  • Atom comes with 81 built-in packages
  • Cross-platform editing
  • Supports multiple panes
  • Smart autocompletion
  • Customizable
  • Atom in Dev Mode. 
  • Git and GitHub integration

2. Notepad ++

It is an open-source HTML editor that was first developed by Windows-based machines. Unlike other HTML editors, it provides autocorrection and syntax highlighting. In addition to it supports 75 additional programming languages. The user can open diverse file formats simultaneously and edits without concerning CPU power or load times.

Key Features

  • It offers a  multi-linguistic coding atmosphere, from CSS, visual basic to ActionScript and many more.
  • It’s free and open-source.
  • 100% compatibility with Windows. 
  • The Notepad++ interface is simple and fast.
  • It is extendable so that a user can add plugins from the community.
  • Developers can personalize or customize its features and interface to their preferences.

 3. Sublime Text

Sublime is one more first-rate free HTML editor. It offers outstanding assistance to make sure the program is updating continuously. It also allows users to add plugins made by the specific community and also allows users to make their own. 

Key Features

  • Simultaneous editing 
  • Cross-platform such as Windows, OS X, and Linux. 
  • Split editing feature
  • Robust API and package ecosystem. 
  • Sublime maintain Python API that permits the plugin to expand.
  • Goto definition mechanically produces a project-wide index of every method, class, and function.

4. Bluefish

Bluefish is another lightweight HTML Editor, which is a multi-platform, open-source application. You can incorporate many other peripheral programs like lint, Make, and HTML Tidy, etc., in your program for advanced error detection & text processing.

Key Features

  • Simple to use for beginners
  • Multiple document interfaces will easily open 500+ documents
  • Lightweight, fast, and free
  • Customizable toolbar with handy widgets
  • Configurable recent documents and recent directories functionality

5. BBEdit

BBEdit editor is used for macOS that provides a premium version for free. It usually performs the primary function of import, editing files, searching & replaces text in various files. In addition, you can contrast two text files and evaluate them to come across any extra, missing text amongst them.

Key Features

  • A basic but capable user interface is ideal for those looking for a simple tool
  • Contextual text colouring
  • Also, the editor can display the document in multiple windows
  • Handy file comparison feature
  • Present invisible characters (spaces, tabs, line endings, and more)
  • error checking and debugging feature


Hope you’ll find more aspects among the options of HTML & CSS Code Editors we’ve enlisted above. However, if you need a helping hand with assignment help experts to write the code faster and efficiently than ever, only a professional can guide you through the advanced features of HTML & CSS editors. However, if you have just started coding, do practice as much as you can; trust me, HTML editor will soon become your best friend.

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