Best Phone Tracking Apps for Android

There are hundreds of phone tracking apps for android that are floating on the web. Thousands of people every day face fraudsters and lose plenty of money every single day. Most of the people who are not aware of replicas and counterfeit products are reasons for losing their money. Therefore, we have decided to guide you about the top phone tracking software that you may don’t know about.

In this article, we will bring a light on the top two high-tech tools that enable users to track phones to the fullest.

What is The Mobile Phone Tracking Apps?

Phone Tracking Apps are high technological tools that are been developed specifically for the monitoring of handsets. It has multiple usages such as parental monitoring and protecting the business from dishonest employees during working hours. You can install it on your phone device and activate your web control panel account to use its state of the art features.

There are top phone tracking applications (apps) that we are going to mention below which are the best for the business:

  1. TheOneSpy
  2. OgyMogy

1. TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy has dozens of powerful and advanced mobile monitoring tools. You can use TheOneSpy tools such as live screen recording, social media messenger spy software, email tracking, call recorder, IM’s logs, IM’s VoIP call recording, screenshots, keylogger, web filtering, GPS location tracking, Internet history, block incoming calls, block the internet, and block text messages. Moreover, you can use view 360, surround recording, and last but not least view installed applications.

Features of TheOneSpy Phone Tracking Software:

  • Compatibility

TOS is equally supportive of the entire cellphone device running with Android Operating systems. Moreover, you can use the latest Android OS version 10 and above. It is undetectable on the target device.

  • Reason behind development

TheOneSpy was developed purely for setting parental control on kid’s mobile devices to keep an eye on their online activities to make sure their online safety. Moreover, you can use it for the surveillance of employees during working hours to track business-owned tablets and phones. Employers can use it for business safety from rogue employees. Last but not least you can use it to clone your old android device and shift the data on the web portal.

  • Subscription

You can subscribe for TheOneSpy multiple subscriptions such as TOS xLite, Lite, and premier editions.

How to Install TheOneSpy Mobile Monitoring/Tracking App?

You can visit the TheOneSpy phone tracker and further you can subscribe to it and get the credentials in terms of password and ID. Get physical access to the target device and start the installation process. Complete the installation process and activate it on the target device. Use the credentials and get access to the online web portal where you can get your hands on the powerful tools to monitor your target cellphone device of android to the fullest. 

2. OgyMogy

OgyMogy has plenty of tools that you can get after installation and by activating the online dashboard. You can use the IM’s social media, Voice call recording of social media apps, browsing activities, live call recording, email monitoring, password chaser, screen recording, keystrokes logging, read messages, GPS tracking, Geo-fencing, and many more.

Features of OgyMogy Phone Tracking App:

  • Compatibility

You can use a cellphone surveillance app on all the contemporary phones running with Android OS. Moreover, you can use it secretly because it can remain hidden in the latest version 10 and so on.

  • The reason behind OgyMogy development

OgyMogy was developed particularly to monitor business-owned cellphone devices for business protection and you can also use it to monitor kids’ and teens’ online and cellular network activities. However, you can clone android phones to create a data back or shift one device data into another one.

  • Subscription

OgyMogy provided three types of subscriptions such as basic, extreme, and standard plans.

How to Install OgyMogy Phone Monitoring/Tracking App?

If you want to monitor on someone’s cellphone device to set parental control or you want to protect your business by tracking your employee’s digital android phones then visit the OgyMogy webpage. Once you will visit the webpage then you will need to go to the buy now page. You will get the subscription to your desire.

In response, you will receive an email in terms of password and ID. Now you have to have possession of the device to get started with the process of installation. End up with installation successfully and activate it. Now use the credentials and activate your web portal account to get your hands on the powerful tools to track phones with phone tracking software..


TheOneSpy and OgyMogy are top phone tracking apps that are genuine and provide you with enough tools to do monitoring your targeting mobile phone device and upload the information to their online web portal.

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