Best Smart TV Apps for Your Home Entertainment

It is very convincing for the users to get overwhelmed by knowing about many smart TV applications available. There are different channels on cable TV, but those are not enough for the users nowadays. Smart TV apps can become good entertainment for your house and your loved ones. It is never easy for users to find a cheap smart TV that gives you the content you need if you like to watch. The Vizio is one such Smart TV that has taken us by storm. But certain users were unable to download and install their favourite apps on the Vizio Smart TV. Here we have a detailed guide that explains how you can update existing and install new apps on your Vizio device using Chromecast and Google Play Store. People move from phones to tablets, tablets to laptops, and now laptops to television. 

The apps that are mentioned below are the best smart TV apps for your home entertainment. In this digital world, people are moving towards smart TV. The serials and movies that we watch through cable TV are now not enough for people. Smart TV apps are portable and convenient for users. Remember that choosing the best smart TV app is about selecting the content you want to spend your time staring at.

6 Best Smart TV Apps For Entertainment

1. Plex 

The first smart TV app that we are going to talk about is Plex. It is a great app for people who are more into shows and movies. Plex can be a good app for your smart TV as it organizes the films and shows on its own, whether they are on the computer or in the cloud, and provides it on your smart TV. The only thing that you have to make sure of is that your TV and media storage location is connected to the same wireless network. Users can also use plex to listen to music because it is also teamed up with Tidal. The users can sync their videos with a phone or tablet and the television if you go for the premium version that is Plex pass.

2. Netflix

Netflix is a well-known name in the category of Smart TV apps for better video streaming. Many people have subscribed to Netflix, but a large number of people know about this app. This is a benefit for the users who like to watch web series and recent movies. Most of the users go for Netflix. Netflix keeps on showing you your preferences, and it remembers what you prefer to watch. People who love to watch different series and movies can be unhappy to watch the videos on a tiny screen. Netflix provides a better experience with the bigger display. It is free, but you cannot watch anything unless you subscribe. Netflix is a good app for people who want a good experience of watching web series. This app is available for Apple TV and Android TV both.

3. AccuWeather

During the period of daily change, people need to know about the weather. To get better recommendations about daily weather, people try out different apps that show weather forecasting. One can install AccuWeather on their smart television to enjoy a full display of the forecast. This app will provide you the temperature information for the rest of the day and week without destroying the weather person. Some of the AccuWeather features include animated radar maps in detailed forecasts charts that benefit the users. The basic version of AccuWeather is free, but if you find weather important for you, you can consider subscribing to the premium state for longer-range forecast historical data and more detailed information.

4. Kitchen stories

For mothers, chefs, and people who love to cook, kitchen stories can be the best platform. Kitchen stories are the best app for people who are foodies and love to prepare different recipes. We have seen in our houses that our mothers are watching other recipes to cook kitchen stories. It is helpful as it shows the videos at a better resolution on the bigger screen. Kitchen stories are the best app you can download for your smart TV. This app goes well on larger TV screens. About the benefits of this, you can consider watching clear, high-resolution video clips in photos of the recipes that look good on the bigger display. The users can have a good time passing while making different recipes with a pinch of perfection in their cookery skills.

5. News360

News360 is the best platform for news addicts who do not like to watch cable TV news. This app provides recent clips from sources such as the Guardian, Reuters, and others. It can be very convenient to watch different news channels and find the news you want to listen to or know about. The main benefit after subscribing to this app for smart TV is that the users can access all the types of stories they like with better recommendations. One can have straightforward control to browse through new videos on your smart TV screen. The users can directly jump straight to the top stories, or they can search by category. This app also includes text articles, and the users can get a big and bold text to stare at.

6. Daily workouts

Fitness is a greater deal nowadays. People go for different apps that provide exercise tips and yoga suggestions. With the help of this app, the users can find out other workouts in training on a bigger screen. It is very hard and can be harmful to the users to bend over and watch their phone’s screen while exercising. Daily Workouts demonstrate more than a hundred different exercises to the users. The benefits users get are that they get into a full-body workout routine of 45 to 30 minutes. The virtual coaches that demonstrate the exercises on the larger display can influence the users, and we’ll also let you concentrate on your activities while having the right position.