Best Top 10 Remote Desktop Apps for Android and iOS

With the introduction of the Smartphone, the necessity for a desktop computer has withered away. While laptops provide bigger screens, there is denying that what can be done on a PC can also be done on a phone. And that work will be done through Remote Desktop Apps.

However, to completely erase the use of a laptop is foolishness. They provide comfortable media for working-class professionals and are much needed for members of the student community. Yes, nobody leaves home without a phone. At the same time, however, a PC is to some, a lifeline.

Now here’s the thing. What happens when you have a really important presentation at the office, and you forget your laptop? Sounds terrifying, right? Thankfully, there is a way to avert that disaster – all you need to do is send yourself the files, and have a desktop access app installed on your phone. 

Bingo! No more worries. 

Here are the top ten remote desktop apps you can download. And the best part? Some of them are free.

Top 10 Remote Desktop Apps for Android and iOS

1. Team Viewer

Team Viewer provides its user with an all-in-one remote control situation. It assures easy and fast access to the device of your choice. It supports a variety of operating systems aside from Android, including Windows, Linus, iOS, Chrome OS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry OS. Its ability to help administer access to multiple platforms at once makes it the best solution available.

2. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop works for both iOS and Android. So both sets of users can enjoy the pleasure of working with an easy application. With an easy installation and a very attractive User Interface, this app includes instructions on how to use it. Chrome Remote Desktop is the perfect application for someone not very confident in matters of technology.

3. VNC Viewer

VNC Viewer is offered by RealVNC, the makers of VNC. This application offers a seamless and secure connection to VNC or VNC compatible computers without the need for a network connection. In other words, it works where the TeamViewer application fails. It is completely free and connects to open-source applications. While it isn’t an open-source application. Also, the existence of compatibility with Bluetooth and the presence of a cloud, ensure that your information is constantly backed up, and can be easily accessed.

4. Microsoft Remote Desktop

This application from Microsoft does all of the functions that a normal remote access application does, with all the sturdiness that one expects from Microsoft. However, here’s the thing- it’s too sturdy, to the point that setting it up seems like a chore. It lacks the usual outgoing User Interface that one sees in other applications. In the current situation, one more app from Microsoft is using on a large scale which is Microsoft teams for small business. However, a Windows user can enjoy its reliability, the application for Windows 8 offers native touch mode, making your Android device almost tablet.

5. Splashtop 2

Splashtop 2 offers a secure connection through remote control to applications, multimedia files, and more. To set it up, one needs a Splashtop Streamer. It provides access to stream music and media stored on your computer, using your phone. For someone with a local network, Splashtop 2 works best. Unfortunately, to access certain features, one needs a premium subscription. However, the free version too is quite good.

6. NoMachine

NoMachine sells its product with the tagline ‘NoMachine for Everybody’, and its primary selling point is performance. While there exist applications that are easy to set up and use, their terrible user interface and low streaming quality ensures that consumers don’t stick around. NoMachine helps resolve all of those issues. It claims to be the ‘fastest, low-latency remote desktop software in the market. Essentially, NoMachine provides HD streaming quality provided. Of course, for that, the user has a stable internet connection. So if you are a streamer or a content creator, NoMachine is the application for you.

7. LogMeIn

LogMeIn is probably the only paid application that is worth spending money on. While expensive, the subscription includes a LastPass subscription and a terabyte of cloud storage. Unfortunately, for users registered under the individual plan, the number of devices is limited to two. LogMeIn is an extremely professional product, one that is perfect for businesses to invest in. If you’re a professional on the up and coming, this is an application for you. 

8. AnyDesk

AnyDesk is for those with terrible internet connections (Think: people constantly on the go, be it professionals or just weary travelers). One need not wait for the remote desktop to respond, it does not matter if the media you wish to project is high resolution or you have low bandwidth of 100 kB/s; AnyDesk works. It also is a really easy application to set up and offers good security.

 9. ISL Light Remote Desktop

ISL Light Remote Desktop ensures top security. It has authentication features and end-to-end encryption. It has an automatic session recording option in-built and sets up a very reliable file transfer. This app opens up the possibility of accessing a remote computer using RDP. With its various customization features, ISL Light Remote Desktop rates highly on the usage of User Interface.

10. GoToMyPC

GoToMyPC not only works on Android but also on iOS and Kindle. Though involving paid plans, there exist discounts like 20% off depending on the plan one chooses. It is easy to install, transfers files reliably, and has 256-bit AES encryption for security. It supports multiple monitors and enables copy-paste between two devices.

By choosing one of the apps cited above, make sure you can always carry important information on your laptop compactly.


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