Checklist Of Clothes For Newborn Baby

Baby clothes are as adorable as they come in fabulous colours and prints. Every mom loves to shop for the most gorgeous and comfortable clothes for her newborn baby. Shopping for clothes for newborn baby is an excitement that cannot be told in words. And at the same time, you have to be very cautious about the quality of the cloth. As the baby’s skin is very sensitive, you should use high-quality, soft, delicate, and comfortable clothes to protect your baby’s skin.

However, you have to keep a few things in mind while shopping for your newborn’s clothes:

  • You should avoid clothes with buttons and look out for the ones that are easy to put on and remove.
  • Do not buy clothes with small necks but look out for wider necks and clothes should not be very tight fitting.

Checklist Of Clothes For A Newborn Baby

Make your newborn baby clothes shopping fun and easier with the below checklist:


Sweaters are one of the most essentials of a wardrobe as they keep your baby warm during cold weather. It is better to opt for sweaters that come with zipping.

Onesie & Rompers:

Wool babe Merino/Organic Cotton Long Sleeve Bodysuits are great for using under a sleeping bag or sleeping suit. They can also be used as a soft layer under any clothing and they are perfect for night time as well as daytime. Onesie & Rompers come in amazing colours and prints. They are made from exclusive merino and organic cotton fabric. And merino helps in temperature regulation.

Caps, Gloves & Mittens:

Hats and caps are very important when you go outdoors as they protect your baby’s head from sunlight and its harmful rays. Caps protect your baby during winters and keep your baby’s head warm and comfortable. Mittens are a must-have for babies during winters. Mittens are usually made of wool and sometimes soft cotton mittens are also used. The choice is always yours and you will find amazing varieties of caps and mittens on baby online stores to choose from.


A comfortable and high-quality sleepwear is a must for your baby’s peaceful sleep. You can opt for Baby First Baby Muslin Wraps that come in a pack of two and are very soft and great for your baby. They are multipurpose and can be used as a swaddle, play rug, nursing cover, lightweight blanket, burp cloth etc.

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You can also opt for Embed Starter 2-Way Long Sleeve Swaddle, it allows your baby to be cooled down, warm up and change nappy without unsaddling. It is so soft that it provides comfort and helps your baby sleep longer.

Ergo baby’s on the move sleep bag is also great to add to the list of your baby’s wardrobe essentials. Or you can also opt for Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin Sleeping Bag in various prints. These sleep bags are comfortable, soft, and breathable, and are hand-printed. They are very stylish and are a great alternative for blankets. The Top-to-bottom zipper makes it very easy to change diapers and it is machine washable.


Wool babe PJ Suits are perfect for wearing inside a sleeping bag or sleeping suit. They come in various sizes from newborns to school going, kids. They are made of merino that regulates temperature and organic cotton.


You will find a wide range of clothes for newborn baby from the above checklist. you can also purchase it from an online portal where you just need to select your choice of products and order them. And they will be delivered to your doorstep.