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Comics Head – Storytelling Tool for Kids, Parents and Teachers

Comics Head by NextWave Multimedia is a creativity app designed to empower children, parents and teachers to easily create stories and comics. If you’ve tried Toonia Storymaker, StorySmith, Medieval Kingdom, or Toontastic in the past, then Comics Head will feel very familiar, as its purpose is similar. Using templates, props, characters, backgrounds and speech bubbles, it allows you to let your imagination run wild and create the stories you’ve always dreamed of, even if you lack any natural talent at drawing. Comics Head is like nothing you’ve ever seen before! While the others are aimed at children starting from the age of 4, and therefore are quite simple and limited, Comics Head will simply blow your mind away with its endless possibilities.

Comics Head Creativity Apps

So many options and menu buttons, but as soon as you’re done creating your first comic, you’ll feel right at home. And that’s because the people at NextWave Multimedia have perfectly organized every single option and menu button. The app guides you step by step through the process, and if you ever feel lost, you can always tap the question mark to bring out the help menu. And when in need of some new ideas, you can check out the Comics Head youtube channel for some great tutorials. So, as far as ease of use and support goes, Comics Head is suitable for anyone above the age of 9.

Comics Head Create Comic Books For iPad

For you to conceptualize how limitless Comics Head is, I’ll guide you through a few of the steps and options. You start by picking a panel depending on how many scenes you want in your comic, Now that you have your blank comic, you can tap each individual frame to highlight it main menu, and once you select a category, the available options will be displayed at the top of the screen. When you tap on Assets, you’ll be able to choose your background, characters, props and special effects.

In “Backgrounds” for example, you’ll find dozens of outdoor and indoor illustrations, colors, and textures you can use as background: backyards, parks, open roads, bus stations, mountains, deserts, beaches, libraries, restaurants, living rooms, bedrooms and more! And every single item can be further edited: horizontal/vertical flip, copy, crop, polycrop (similar to shape selection tool in Photoshop) and filter,and if you like anime series then 9anime is best for you.

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Move on to characters, and it will make your head spin! There are so many available characters that they had to organize into 18 different style categories: real’m, goofball, cute, classic, scribbled, doodle etc.. And even more, each character is available in various stances, and with different facial expressions, just so that you can create every possible situation you could think of.

And the story goes on when we move to speech bubbles. You can edit everything you could imagine: the size, shape, its pointer, text font, text size, border thickness, border color, background color. When you’re done with your comic, you can save it, save it as a template, print it, Facebook or Twitter. There are so many options that I most likely forgot to mention some! And there’s no point for me to go on, as I’m pretty sure you’ve already pictured how limitless Comics Head is.

Comics Head Create Your Own Comic Books

Overall, Comics Head is an amazing app to stimulate your imagination. An excellent choice for children to learn how to plan a story (characters, settings, chain of events), and the perfect tool for comic books fans to create their own. A 5-star app that you can get on iPhone and iPad for $3.99 only, or for $0.99 on your Android device. And if you’re still not convinced how awesome Comics Head is, there’s a lite version you can try out for free.