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Corona Vaccine: Is It Safe Or Not?

Corona Vaccine is safe or not question currently around in all people’s minds in India. Today I will help you to clear your all doubt regarding the coronavirus vaccine.

  • Vaccine is safe or not?
  • Types of Corona Vaccine
  • Is Coronavirus Vaccine is safe to give Pregnant Lady?

We know after this Covid 19 pandemic, everyone now wants things become normal and they can go everywhere freely without any fear like before when corona virus has not entered in India.

Through this covid 19 vaccine, mostly major problems have resolved to cure people against coronavirus. But still, people should keep some things in mind for vaccines.

Let’s have look at what are those things and is it safe to take Coronavirus Vaccine:

Corona Vaccine: Safe or NOT?

As per Dr. Parthiv Mehta (who is a Pulmonologist) analysis, currently, the corona vaccine may be giving in the first phase to check the safety and common side effect. It is going to be given in the other two phases.

Now you think, what are phases mean in this Vaccine, right? The phases mean the covid 19 vaccine is giving to a specific number of people and observe that are they suffering from common side effects or not. The other two phases very nicely make understand by him in the below video.

Types of Corona Vaccine

There are two types of vaccine for coronavirus in India which are Covaxine and Covishield. Both are mostly same. There is only 19-20 difference between both of them as per Dr. Parthiv Mehta told in the above video. But if anybody is suffering from fever then it is advisable to not take this corona vaccine during this period.

Is Coronavirus Vaccine is safe to give Pregnant Lady?

Currently, there is no safety established for pregnant lady. So currently during pregnancy if anyone has then it is advisable to not take it or concern doctor for it for more detailed information about it.


Corona Vaccine is almost safe to take excluding some exceptional cases. But still, if you have any diseases like diabetics, blood pressure, or anything else then it once concerns your doctor before taking it.