Instagram web marketing

With a fully digitized market, it is very difficult to find a brand, product or service without a page on Fabebook, Twitter or any social network.

Just as all businesses have mutated to promote themselves through online platforms, marketing in its digital modality. It has also achieved a reach that was unthinkable ten years ago. Little by little ads in traditional media begin to take a back seat to leaving web marketing as the main promotion option.

While there are many brands that already have a web marketing strategy on Facebook, many have opted for other network options such as Instagram or Snapchat, even though both platforms already have different web marketing techniques. As we know that sometimes it is not so easy to develop a new web marketing plan for another social network, here are three tips so you can start exploring the field of Instagram for business.

It is easier to start with web marketing if you have some “partners” on Instagram

When you start on Instagram -as in any other social network-, the first thing is to get hooked to a few followers and then start with a good web marketing strategy. To achieve that goal, a good way to reach new people is to seek to associate with other users who are already influencers on Instagram but who also have a relationship with the specific theme of your product or company. There are more than forty thousand influencers on Instagram, you will surely find one that has to do with the turn of your business.

Instagram influencers are celebrities of this social network that generate high quality digital content. It will be much easier to gain the trust of your followers, if you have an influencer that supports your content. Even if your page has enough followers, you can do something called “cross promotion” to also announce the Instagram profiles of your associated influencers.

We must take care of the measure of Web Marketing content

Instagram is a social network of photography and video that keeps its contents in a specific size and customized especially for the app. If you want to start recording a video or take pictures with a professional camera and then upload it to Instagram, you should take into account that the platform will not respect the size of the image that was captured directly by the camera.

We recommend you take into account the measures of Instagram so that you limit what will be seen and what is not within the visual field.

The measures that you must take into account for the contents of your Web marketing strategy are:

  • Square image: 1080px wide and 1080px high
  • Vertical Image:  1080px wide and 1350px high
  • Horizontal image: 1080px wide and 566px high

There is no web marketing, if you do not take advantage of the hashtags of the moment

As happens on Twitter or Facebook, hashtags are a tool used to filter information by topic. Once you have identified the hashtag that is fashionable, we suggest you make content to take advantage of that information and reach new users.

You should always look for content that has to do with the hashtag and with the proposal of your business, use a trend just for the sake of it, it’s almost the same as not publishing anything.