Everything You Need To Know About Tadiandamol Peak

Tadiandamol Peak is located in the Coorg district which is a town in Madikeri located in the southern part of Karnataka. The peak is very popular and attracts many tourists. Tadiandamol peak is basically 5,700 feet long and most popular and loved among the trekkers. The treks in this place are famous as it covers most of the Shola forest, coffee plantation, waterfalls or streams, and many more natural gifts of Western Ghats. From here you will know everything about Tadiandamol Peak like how to reach there, key points To Remember Before Travelling/Trekking, the best time to visit The Tadiandamol Peak and many more things.

Let’s have a look at them.

A Quick Review About The Tadiandamol Peak 

Tadiandamol Peak is probably the most elevated peak in the Kodagu region. And it is loved by nature lovers, trekkers, bird watchers, photographers, etc. This Tadiandamol has a very rich diversity in Flora and Fauna, also the grassland and forest region of Western ghats. Tadiandamol peak is 5,735 feet above sea level which gives a magnificent view from the top and the fun of adventurous trek is like the cherry on top. While trekking in India many see the beauty of mother nature.

During the trek, there are many uneven and muddy roads, and the coffee plantation, vegetation like- pepper, and also other types of species are grown there. The peak is very old and has seen all kinds of accidents or incidents both natural and human-made. Tadiandamol Peak gives a magnificent view of Coorg and also it’s surrounding. 

Remember To Do List:

There are many different and adventurous activities to do in Tadiandamol or the Coorg District. Here are some main activities one must do in the Coorg region:-

  • Trekking:- It is one of the main and important activities to do when you visit the Tadiandamol Peak. As it gives a proper chance to witness the natural beauty on different levels and also to see the different variety of Flora and Fauna.
  • Camping:- It is the most fun activity after the trekking as all the can easily just sit down, talk, dance and play music whatever they want and create a beautiful memory with their loved ones. 
  • Adore the Beauty of Nature:- when you are nature everythings feels very calming and adorable. And the Tadiandamol Peak is the best place for every kind of nature. 
  • Nalknad Palace:- It’s a 200-year old palace and was built-in 1792 by the Kodavas emperor. It has very fine details and is also very popular among history lovers.          

How To Reach?

There are many ways to reach Tadiandamol. If you are not from Karnataka here is some information to travel from different ways:-

  • By Bus: There are many buses from cities which can take you to Tadiandamol. They are mostly available in 30 minutes from Bangalore. From Bangalore bus depot, it mostly takes 6 hours. And if one is taking a bus from Chennai, it takes 11 hours to reach Tadiandamol as it is 611 km away.
  • By Road: Many may take a car or road ride from different states or cities. But should come from Kodagu district and then go to the Coorg highest peak. It usually takes a 6 hours road trip from Bangalore and 4 hours road trip from Mangalore.
  • By Railway: Tadiandamol doesn’t have a station of it’s own. So the tourists stop in Mysore station and the station is 107 km away from the Tadiandamol region. 

Key points To Remember Before Travelling/Trekking 

There are many important key points to remember before traveling or trekking the Tadiandamol peak and are listed below:

  • Try avoiding the monsoon season as it can make the roads slippery and muddy. It’s best to complete the trek before sunset and come down before it’s too dark.
  • Trekkers with breathing problems, blood pressure, spinal or bone ache should leave this activity as it requires an average type of fitness level during the trekking. And before starting trekking try to do a little warm exercise and keep your breathing normal. 
  • There are no shops nearby so carry essential items like water, a small amount of food. Before starting the trip apply sunscreen and wear comfortable sports clothes and shoes. 
  • Stay away from the bushes near as noise can easily attract the wild animal and they may also attack you.  During the waterfall or stream part of the trek it’s advisable to wear leech soch so that in water leech can’t suck the blood fromones body. 
  • Also carry night lamb or head torches etc devices which can provide a good amount of light. And also some extra clothes as in case they get wet or dirty because of the muddy road. 

Best Time To Visit The Tadiandamol Peak

As Tadiandamol Peak is part of Western Ghats many try their best to avoid visiting this place during monsoon as it makes the trek trail muddy and very slippery as to cause accidents. But some trekkers like to trek in a rainy atmosphere so they have to take extra precautions. So the best time to visit the Tadiandamol peak is early winter or after the winter season which covers December to May timings.


For every nature lover, trekker, or person, Tadiandamol Peak or Coorg District is the best place to visit. As it has all the best features of the Western Ghats of India. And also the best to just come and have a great time with your loved ones.