Exploring A Beautiful Range of Modern Bathroom Vanities

Decorating a bathroom is as much important as decking up other parts of the house. To add a sense of beauty and functionality to space, bathroom vanity cabinets is playing a vital role. People are seen to choose modern bathroom vanities in a wide range of designs falling under categories like contemporary, transitional, and traditional. In current times, people are picking contemporary layouts showcasing cleaner and sleek lines with minimal designs and maximum functionality. 

Let us have a look at some of the modern bathroom vanities doing rounds across the globe: 

Vanities with marble countertops

The marble countertop cabinet comes with well-defined attributes with a solid stony section that will last for years. That’s why it is considered one of the most beautiful vanities. This vanity features a cleaner and crisper appearance, necessity these days. The marble countertop vanities are truly versatile and popular.

Vanities comprising double basins 

It is indeed a fact that double basin vanities are large, stylish, and practical. These discount cabinets in MN are certainly one of the most value-adding components for a bathroom. Double basins add value as they allow more number of users to utilize the sinks, simultaneously. Home owners with a single bathroom incredibly get benefit from these double basin vanities. 

Vessel sink vanities 

These are among the most desired vanities. They are currently in trend. Such bathroom vanities come with a large-sized bowl which is quite versatile as well as convenient. Furthermore, vessel sink can fit into any kind of countertop and are easy to install. These vanities come with countertops crafted ceramic, stone, or porcelain. The cabinets below are manufactured of wood. Such kinds of sinks are based on trendy aesthetics. 

Freestanding single vanities 

If your kitchen space is small, you will rarely get a better option than this. The single freestanding vanity will fit into almost any kind of bathroom. Unlike the floating vanities, the freestanding single vanity doesn’t need any kind of extra mounting. They commonly feature four wooden legs and a beautiful cabinet to hold things inside. 

Glass top vanities 

The glass top vanity is one of the most elegant additions for modern bathrooms. The glass top vanity sends a different kind of vibe which varies from countertops made of ceramic or natural stone. It is offering a certain spa. The look and feel of this glass vanity are capable of transforming the mundane interiors of a bathroom into something more modernized. 

Single vanity with a single handle faucet 

The single handle faucet is mostly found in single bathroom vanity cabinets. With their minimalist looks, these bathroom vanities are ready to spice up the decor of your modern bathroom. A single handle faucet is eco-friendly. It helps cut back on wastage of water. 

Bathroom vanities featuring off centre basins 

The modern decor speaks of offbeat designs. Symmetry is not the main objective here. These days, modern bathrooms are featuring vanities with off-center sinks which give a startling appearance. It gives the space a neat and modernized look. Among various modern bathroom vanities, this one has an eye-catching look and feel. It adds aesthetics and functionality to space.