5 south indian spots for river rafting

When people mention river rafting in India, the first place that comes to your mind is Ladakh. The next option would be Himachal Pradesh or others. This does not mean that South India is not a river rafting destination. There are numerous destinations in South India that are famous for river rafting. This article will focus on the top five South Indian destinations for river rafting.


Barapole River is located in Coorg of Karnataka. Coorg is famous as a summer resort and a hill station in the state. It is an ideal place for river rafting in South India. The river is divided into two sections based on the speed of the water. The upper section of the river is for the starters and the lower section is for challenging river rafters. The total stretch would cover 150 km. The best season for rafting is from June to September.


Wayanad is an important tourist destination in Kerala. There are two rafting trails in the area along Mananthavady river and Anoth river. The Mananthavady river has rafting trails from long distance, medium distance and short distance. The shortest one covers 6 km trails. Experienced rafters can pick trails that stretches for 20 km. Bamboo rafting is available in Kuruva Islands.Anoth River is for experienced rafters only.Anoth river does not attract as many tourists as Mananthavady river, every year.


Valpoi is a small area in North Goa. The River Mahdei is the spot for white water rafting. The duration of full stretch would last up to three hours. This trail is suitable for expert rafters and also beginners. Monsoon is the best time for rafting in Valpoi. The river is also called as Mandovi river. The base camp is located in Veluz in Valpoi and rafters have to reach Veluz through any road transportation.


Thekkady is famous for its scenic spots and Periyar National Park. The park provides a lot of interesting activities including river rafting during the monsoon season. Bamboo rafting is an important attraction here. Pre-booking is very essential as it is a buzzing tourist destination. You can raft through the dense forest on Periyar tiger reserve area. Usually rafting is included along with jungle walk in which you can spot a few wild animals. A tribal guide would be assigned with each group.


Kannur is another place in Kerala. Tejaswini river runs through the place through the forest near Western Ghats. It is a scenic spot to raft. The total excursion would take two hours and there are a lot of trails for different types of rafters. You can find rapid levels up to class 3. You need to drive for 4 km from Pulingome to the base camp for rafting. Commercially, two packages are provided for the tourists to choose from. A guide would be accompanying each group.

Not just river rafting, a lot of other water sports starting from surfing to snorkeling can be enjoyed in South India. The best time to visit India for water rafting is monsoon season or early winter season. This is the time when all the water sources would be filled with water from recent showers. Follow all the instructions provided by the guide as it is not a child’s play to raft on a crazy angry river.