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Flower To Describe Birth Month Of MAY

Our lady’s tears, May bells and are some names that are bell-shaped flowers, the national flower of Finland, and a flower always included in royal bouquets.

This lily of the valley started its journey from Japan in the middle ages and then made all its way to France, but you could get online flower delivery in ahmedabad.

The lily of the valley has an amazing fragrance to it and this is the reason it is used to make perfumes, with this amazing scent, these flowers are used to treat skin burns and various heart disorders.

One must always be careful with these flowers as even though they are delicate, seem beautiful and fragrant, these flowers can cause pain, reduced heart rate, blurred vision, and discomfort. they are very toxic if ingested.   

Although we call it “lily of the valley” the flower belongs to the family of asparagus, not the lily family. It has also been observed over the time that in the earlier ages this flower leaves to provide a rich green pigment which was later used as a dye.

This flower is also the national emblem of Yugoslavia and many a whole day is dedicated to this flower when it comes to France.

This flower cannot survive a hot climate therefore they are cultivated in the northern regions of Europe and America.

It has been spotted many times in the royal bouquets. This flower may seem quite hard to get your hands on but your florists are always one click away. Get flower delivery in Mumbai and surprise your loved ones with this amazing bouquet.

You must be wondering what this flower means and what are its origins, to make it easier we have compiled all the data for you, which is stated below:

Origins And Significance

The origins of the flowers are biblical as it is believed that this flower sprang up when eve fell from the paradise which is the garden of Eden, this flower also shows modesty.

Moreover, this flower blooms in spring which also signifies prosperity, work and harvest. The flower has known to have interesting Japanese history, the Japanese have always considered this flower as the symbol for good luck.

As we know about the nine muses, this flower played a major role in their travel in the woods as the myth says that the god of the sun, Apollo was cultivating these flowers to safeguard the feet of his nine muses. These flowers are the representers of gracefulness and being delicate at the same time.

These flowers are often seen in funerals as they symbolize the sorrow of losing someone after death. Some people believe, that these flowers hold the power to eliminate negativity and they are preferred to be kept in one’s home to boost up the overall energy in the house.

White is one color that holds every other colour in it and It always symbolizes purity, innocence and the vibe that you remind anyone to remain serene. These flowers are the true depicters of unity and hope.

They are used in a bridal bouquet as they possess the symbolism of a happy and long marriage. One could always gift someone a bouquet of lily of the valley and remind them of hope.

Remind someone that the happiness is going to return soon by gifting them lily of the valley. And as we are aware of our conditions, I think lily of the valley is perfect as it will give the message of no losing hope and will remind a person to always stay strong.

If they are worriers, you could always provide them with a fresh fragrance and remind them that the little bird of hope is arriving soon. You might be far from your loved ones or are not able to pay a visit due to your circumstances, but let me tell you that you could always order this amazing flower at the comfort of your place by just ordering online on bloomsvilla.com

Don’t forget to combine their favorite flowers if they have any. You can always add chocolates and cakes for their sweet tooth and teddy bears if you want to remind them that the ‘hug is on the way’.

Add a greeting card as per the occasion and you are just one click away from ordering these beautiful, fragrant, and fresh blossoms.

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