Super Cool Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend’s Birthday

We all know how daunting it gets to pick a gift ideas for boyfriend. Not only the options are limited but there is always the confusion of them liking or disliking the present. Online flower delivery in Mumbai, Delhi, etc. is getting popular these days. They offer a plethora of options and some fantastic features like midnight delivery, customizable bouquets, and so on. While flowers are a great gifting option, when it comes to your boyfriend or husband, you just want to take things to a different level.

Wallets, belts, and perfumes are passé. What adds to the stress is budget as well as time constraints. Don’t worry, we have got some crazy, unconventional, and super easy gift ideas for boyfriend birthday that will take your partner by surprise and are sure to win his heart.

Gift Ideas for Boyfriend Birthday

•    A Relaxing Day

Life is very fast-paced and chaotic these days. Everyone deserves a break and make sure your partner gets it this birthday. Schedule a spa appointment for him or send him to a Jacuzzi. If you can extend your budget, add in a body passage or pedicure in the routine. If you have a tight budget, you can be his masseuse for the day. This personal touch would make him feel more comfortable since he wouldn’t have to step out of the home and can be more open to you. You can simply learn some methods from the YouTube videos of professionals and pamper him accordingly. Don’t forget to order some birthday roses to make the ambiance more romantic and sexy.

•    Plan an Adventure

If you have an adventure-loving boyfriend/husband, he is going to love this idea. Plan an adventurous outing for the two of you on his birthday and he will adore you all the more. Lookup for an ideal place for trekking, hiking or jungle safari. If you want the extra thrill and adrenaline rush, take him for bungee jumping, rafting, skydiving, canoeing, rock climbing, and all those cool activities that a bucket list is made of.

•    Rekindle his Hobbies

If your partner is the quiet and introverted kind, nothing can be better than letting him do what he loves. Introverts love the comfort of their home so plan a fun day that he can enjoy without having to step out. If he loves to paint but the busy lifestyle doesn’t let him pursue it, buy paints and brushes for him. Bring out that easel and let him do magic on the blank canvas. Appreciating his inclination is a great way of showing how thoughtful and respectful you are towards him. You can even book tickets for the two of you for a drama/skit or a musical show that’s happening in your town.

•    Waterproof Speakers

Now that we are done with the planning ideas, let’s move on to some materialistic gift ideas for boyfriend. Waterproof speakers can be of great use for anybody who loves music.  Be it a house party or a camp, the speakers would be very handy to set the mood right. Moreover, many of us love grooving to tunes while we bathe. So, a waterproof speaker would be of great help even in the shower. This gift is bound to make him delighted because who doesn’t love music?

•    A Charging Bag

Charging messenger bags are all the rage these days, thanks to the convenience they offer. If your partner loves to travel, this valuable asset can come in very handy. He would not need an extra power bank or battery backup to charge his devices. This would give him more space to pack other essentials. To make things fancier, you can stuff the bag with his favorite chocolates and fresh flowers. This would make him feel all the more special.

•    A Polaroid Camera

Polaroid camera makes for an amazing gift for the old-school people who miss the age of physical pictures, albums, etc. In this world where everything is clicked and saved in our smartphones, gifting your partner a Polaroid camera would be very thoughtful. He would love this present and in no time, you will see his inner photographer come out.

These are some very cool and unique gift ideas for boyfriend’s birthday that would surely make your partner’s heart melt. You can even lookup for birthday flowers online as bouquets make a great addition to any gift. If your husband or boyfriend lives away from you, you can send him presents, cards, and flowers from online portals like Bloomsvilla. Trust us, it’s not the gift that matters but the efforts and thought you put in that count.