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Graphic Design Ideas & Inspiration

Design is a kind of creative activity based on a business environment that is designed by individual designers or design groups. It is a job or a profession, and it is a modeling activity with aesthetic, use and commemorative functions. Design is built on the basis of commerce and the masses, and serves them, thereby generating commercial and artistic value, which is different from the individual or part of the group appreciation of art.

Graphic design is the art of communication, stylization, and problem solving through text and images. Due to the overlap of knowledge and skills, graphic design is often mistaken for visual communication or communication design. Graphic design uses a variety of different methods to create and combine text, symbols, and images to generate visual ideas and information. Graphic designers may use typography and layout technology to achieve product design results.

Word Source

The term graphic design is derived from “graphic” in English. Before the modern graphic design was formed, the term generally refers to various graphic art forms formed by printing. Therefore, the term was used in conjunction with “art” and collectively referred to as “graphic design “. The term “Techno‚Äôs Club” at the time meant not only that the work was two-dimensional and flat, but it also had mass production and was therefore distinguished from individual pieces of art.

The word design is a Japanese translation of the word “design” in Chinese. In the Japanese translation of “design” the word when, in addition to the “design” of the word, also with the ” artistic conception “, “design”, “constitution”, ” Zaoxing to represent the” design “,” word composed of characters and so on. So when we understand what “design” is, we can first explain these words: English design is derived from the Latin de-sinare, which means “make-mark”. In the sixteenth century, Italian disegno began to have the meaning of today’s design, and was then quoted in English by French intermediaries, becoming the design in today’s English.

Especially in the curriculum of Western Art History and Royal College of Art Education, from the Renaissance, slowly formed the architectural expertise, combined with the heritage of painting and sculpture, the three are collectively known as plastic arts. Collectively referred to as design. From this perspective, it is easier to understand the definition and explanation of “design is a shaping activity or a building activity with aesthetic, use and commemorative functions.” However, no matter how it is distinguished, whether it is pure art, crafts, architecture, or design, it must meet the conditions of “have an aesthetic experience, use function, and commemorative function”.

Graphic Design Works

In recent years, in addition to giving people a visual enjoyment in graphic design, it is more important to convey a message and a concept to the vast number of consumers. Therefore, in graphic design, not only focus on the visual beauty of the surface but Considering the transmission of information, graphic design is mainly composed of the following basic elements:

  • A. Creativity: It is the first element of graphic design. Without good creativity, there is no good work. In creativity, the three conditions of the audience, the media, and the cultural background must be considered.
  • B. Composition: Composition is to solve the spatial relationship among graphics, color, and text, so as to be novel, reasonable and unified.
  • C. Color: Good graphic design works pay attention to harmony, contrast, balance, rhythm, and rhythm in the use of screen colors.

Whether it is newspaper advertisements, mailing advertisements, or advertising posters that we see more often, these elements are formed by clever arrangement, configuration, and combination.

Simple concept

The process of a designer presenting some basic graphics on a plane according to certain creativity. It is through the use of dotted lines and colors to convey semantics on the surface.

Complex concept

Design is a combination of technology and art and is the product of commercial society. In a commercial society, the ideal balance between artistic design and creation is needed. It requires objectivity and restraint. It is necessary for the author to speak for the client.

The key to the design is to discover that it can only be achieved through in-depth feelings and experiences, and moving others is a challenge for designers. The design should be moving, enough details can move people, graphic creativity can move people, the color creative taste can move people, material texture can move people … organically combine various elements of design. In addition, designers should understand that rigorous attitudes can cause people’s spiritual vibrations.

There may be many different ways to study design because this is determined by the diverse knowledge structure of the design . No matter what you did before, no matter how you used to, after entering the field of design, your previous experience will affect You, you will face challenges and the possibility of being eliminated, just as it is impossible to achieve greatness by relying on people’s subjective wishes.

The term design comes from the English “design”, which includes a wide range of design and category buildings: industry, environmental art, decoration, display, clothing, graphic design, etc., but the name of graphic design is very difficult in the ordinary expression because The cross between disciplines is wide and deep. Some are called graphic design (graphics design) visual communication design, decoration design, architectural decoration design. This may have a lot to do with the characteristics of graphic design because the design is omnipresent and flat. Design is omnipresent. In terms of scope, everything used for printing is related to graphic design. In terms of function, “the vision is adjusted to a certain degree by the person”, which is called visual communication, that is, the use of visual language to convey information And expressing opinions, while the decoration design or decoration art design is widely recognized as an inaccurate name with a one-sidedness.

After understanding the scope and connotation of graphic design, let’s take a look at the classification of graphic design, such as image system design, font design, book design, line design, packaging design, poster design … You can say this There are as many designs as you need.

In addition, commercial design and art design clearly exist.

Design is a purposeful plan, and graphic design is one of the forms that these plans will take. In graphic design, you need to use visual elements to spread your ideas and plans, use words and graphics to convey information to the audience, and let people pass these. The visual element understands your ideas and plans. This is the definition of our design. The bottom line of a visual work should be to see if he has the energy to move others and whether he can successfully convey the information behind it. In fact, she is more like interpersonal studies, relying on the charm to conquer objects. Does your design have the charm that captures people’s hearts? It is love at first sight or natural, you need to be like a gentle gentleman or a rebellious son or a rigorous scholar.