Grow Your Business with High Converting Website Design

Gone are the days when you could operate your business without having an online presence. Today, people will find you on the internet before they find you in person. This is precisely why every business needs to have a website today. And in order to get a proper reach, you cannot neglect on having a professional website design and development.

There are many third-party companies who provide these services and can customize the websites according to your requirements. You need to get some professional insights into building a good website. They will help you stand out against your competitors and attract new consumers to your business. But you should also avoid common web design mistakes that can keep customers away from your website.

Ways to Grow Business with High Converting Website Design

Following are some of the basic ideas on website design and development that you can look into when you start:

1. Add Graphical Content

Graphical content helps today helps a lot in attracting customers. They have bright colours that are more attractive to the eye and you are attracted towards it. Graphical content doesn’t mean only having bright colours. There are many other options like using hand gestures or arrows to guide users throughout the page. This helps users interact more with the page and increase conversion chances.

2. Use Heat Maps

Heat maps are not only used in sports but can also be a great tool for website design. Heat maps provide you insightful information like where the mouse of the user is mostly on web pages, which part of the webpage has been viewed the most, where the most clicks have been on the pages, and many more. These data can be very helpful to determine your website design. You should place key information and details where there is most view and clicks on the webpage.

3. Landing Page Design

As the name suggests, the landing page is the first page where the users arrive. Usually, it is the homepage. This makes it extremely important to make your home page clean and attractive. You should use Google analytics to identify the page your users land on. You can get additional information also like Page visits, average visit duration, percentage new visits and bounce rates.

4. Content

Having good content will always get you positive results.It is the heart of the website. Hence, it needs to be effective and attractive enough to be able to create a positive impact. Here are some optimisation ideas for content creation for your web page:

  • Have page titles for all pages
  • Create meta tags which help you climb the search engines rankings
  • Have search phrases across the page
  • Create new sitemaps for Google and Bing

5. Optimise Page for Being Mobile Friendly

Most of the websites that we access today are through our phones. The number of people using smartphones has gone up exponentially over the last decade. This means you need to have your webpage optimized for the best mobile phone experience. You need to make sure both your mobile and computer web pages are uniform which helps in improving conversion rates.

6. Uninterrupted Service

If your website is regularly down, you are going to lose a lot of customers. People will get frustrated and move on to other websites. Make sure you have a proper server for hosting your websites that make sure your site is up and running 24×7 throughout the year.

7. Easy Search Option

When you design your web pages, there is one important thing you need to keep in mind. You need to design your page in a way in which the user is able to find whatever he is looking for with ease. For this, you need to use graphical representations and your content must be easy to understand and find. Apart from that, information in other pages on the website should also be easily accessible. Pages like contact us and products & services are some examples that should be the easiest to find.

8. Remove Elements That Are Not Needed

Having a clean website helps people navigate through the website easily and also make it easy to get used to it. Unwanted elements can be distracting to the user which can reduce your conversion rates. Design your website in a way where the information which the user is looking for is accessible easily by them.

To Sum it Up

These are just some of the tips that you can keep in mind while designing your website. Website design and development is a time taking process which needs attention to detail. So, it is better to plan and have a complete layout of your website designed beforehand. This way, you can design the website keeping these tips in mind so you can get the best out of your website. 

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