How Do I Create a Good Website Structure that Helps in SEO?

Good website structure always helps in SEO for getting a better ranking in the google search engine. So be careful while creating a structure for your website. Here listed some basic tips that will help you to create the best site structure.

What is Website Structure?

Website Structure means how your website is designed and how your website’s pages are connected to each other on the website. Through site structure, you can get an idea about how the website is set up. It is hierarchical of the site’s pages on the website.

Why Good Website Structure Matters?

  • Good Site Structure comes with many benefits that helps to enhance ranking in search engine as well as user experience too because the theme of the color, font selection, images on the web page, graphics on the site and many more things will create a huge impact on user experience. So if site structure is good then everything will be ok.
  • Better site structure also helps in crawling of website’s pages easily that directly helps in ranking of the website in google. Website structure will help google bot to crawl your website easily and also index its pages in google.

What are the Steps Involved in Structuring a Website?

  1. Create a good hierarchy for your website

Before developing or designing your website, the first step is to create a good website structure is to create the best logical hierarchy of your website. It will help users as well as crawlers too to easily understand your website.

Make sure your main categories will remain between two to five. You can create subcategories under it.

  • URL structure creation

URL structure creation is the second step of website structure. You can target your main keywords in the URL as per SEO perspective. But that does not mean your URL is not matching with your page content. So always keep a URL structure that is easy to understand and easy to remember. Your URL structure should match with your website hierarchy.

  • Create site navigation with HTML

Always create site navigation with HTML or CSS. HTML or CSS navigation helps to make coding simple and easy to crawl for any crawler like google bot. If possible then avoid JavaScript, AJAX, and flash for it.

  • Create heading with main navigation pages

While structuring heading on our site don’t forget to add main navigation pages to them. And those navigation pages would remain the same whether it is on the header or footer. Don’t use an image-based navigational on your website because it is not a good user experience.

  • Internal Linking Structure for website

Internal linking structure helps users to navigate a website easily. It also helps to pass link juice to other web pages on the website. Internal linking tells the search engine crawler about which page is most important on the website and which is the lowest important.


Good Website Structure always matters for improving SEO and user experience. So now you got an idea about how to structure your website in a good way from the above listed 5 steps.