How IP Masking Works in Securing Your Connection?

In this explanatory article, we will learn about IP masking and the backend algorithm that hides the users’ actual IP addresses.

A VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) is a rapidly growing technology that users are availing to get their surfing on the Internet safe and secure.

Various factors strengthen the connection between users and the connected servers. And out of them, IP masking is the ‘secret recipe ‘that works as a flaunting material!

A person who has prior technical knowledge knows and understands that you have to get the IP address associate with that user if you want to search the user’s location.

The shared network makes it easier for the hackers and intruders to get into the system and hijack it for later!

Hackers and Crackers both share the same motive to disturb the privacy and security of any user who is unaware of the user’s privacy and security.

A Brief Explanation on IP Masking and Physical Location Hiding

When you start searching for any website, or network the first thing you do is, connect to the server and start surfing without thinking for a minute about the backend issues.

Many users go for a time-taking mechanism to hide their IP address. However, there is an alternative already present within a VPN’s functionalities, which is known as IP Masking.

In terms of a VPN,

“When you download and install any VPN application, you first select the server to get your IP address, physical location replaced and masked as per the location selected.” 

IP Masking is a technique where you conceal your actual IP address with a dynamic one. So, whenever someone tries to track you, they will end up prompting you to a fake address.

Hide Your IP address and location with a VPN

A VPN firstly masks your IP address and replaces your physical address with the selected server to gain users’ trust about secured connectivity.

A VPN is the best option that any user should choose to surf privately. Because proxy might help them surf the Internet and access blocked content. But these are not trustable!

Many VPNs are working correctly in the market with a secured mechanism and working scenario:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. CyberGhost
  4. Surfshark 
  5. PureVPN
  6. Tunnel Bear
  7. Windscribe

Are you excited to learn more about IP masking and VPN functionalities listed in the previous section?

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