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How Is The Future Of Digital Marketing Career In INDIA?

With the ongoing rapid digitization in India, digital marketing has become one of the most promising career in the country. Although half of the world population is currently connected with the internet, it is expected about 60 percent of the Indian population will gain access to the internet by 2021. The presence of people and services in the online environment has pushed many businesses to carry out their promotions on the web using digital marketing techniques. So it becomes relevant here to highlight its advantages that will create a huge scope of digital marketing opportunities in the near future.

High Influence

With the increasing use of mobiles and internet, masses are spending more and more time on web portals and social media as compared to TV and newspapers. This high availability of users makes the companies to make their advertisements online and reach suitable consumers. Evolving markets make companies to adjust their marketing strategies accordingly.

Virtual media influences the audience in its own way. While there are limited modes of narration in print and conventional media, same is not the case with online media. Images, articles, videos, podcasts, posts, emails or combination of any of these could be used to make the message more attractive. It is the power of online platforms including social media that has made local individuals to well-known celebrities.

Low Cost & High Return

Marketing through digital ad campaigns requires little investments when compared to those in traditional media channels. The higher conversion rates make it lucrative to draw the attention of advertisers and brand owners.
You can reach thousands of people at once using online modes, not only locally but globally to promote your product. Surveys reveal that small and medium enterprises have 3 times better chances of expanding their business and workforce using digital methods.

Easy To Measure Results

Since a digital campaign is run in real-time on the internet, we can easily measure its performance without waiting long for arrival of results. Online platforms provide for various parameters that makes it possible to analyse various aspects of a campaign. The leads generated or purchases made are a direct measure of a successful campaign.

Various Roles To Offer

Digital marketing offers various fields in which one can get specialized as one’s preference. To list some are:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Maximizes the traffic on a website by ranking it higher on a search engine.
  • Content Marketer – Every website has its own particular purpose and target audience. A content writer provides suitable content for brand awareness and lead generation.
  • Social media marketer – Social media channels provide huge potential for advertising as people are actively engaged here nowadays. So SMM use different tactics on social media to drive traffic and create awareness.
  • Affiliate Marketing – A performance-based advertising where you get commission for promoting product or services for someone else on your platform.
  • E-mail Marketing – To promote content, discounts, or events by sending related e-mails to audience that directs business towards a website.

Many other roles in addition to these provide suitable opportunities in digital marketing.

Digital INDIA Campaign

Since online markets are booming all over the world, the government needs to catch-up with the global ecosystem.The government has launched digital India campaign to encourage its citizens to make more use of digital platforms for accessing public services in their daily lives. Industries have also joined hands with the government to transform our country into a knowledge economy. Many projects are being offered to the youth under this campaign.

The National Optical Fiber Network (NOFN) program aims to provide broadband connectivity till gram panchayats for transforming India into a digitally empowered nation.


Digitization has become a movement today. With lots of data analysis taking place all over the world in this age of information technology, digital knowledge is no longer a choice but a necessity. The businesses that fail to adopt to the emerging digital environment will be near to extinct sooner. The businesses using digital strategies will survive the competition and those ahead will benefit considerably.A major share of jobs have been created by digital marketing industry in recent times. It is expected to grow exponentially in the future too, so getting in this field will provide a huge scope of job opportunities in a highly populated, diverse and developing country like India.

Since it is an evolving at present, it is the best time now if you are interested to make a career in this field. Identify your strengths and interests to choose a specialization in digital marketing. However, you need some basic skills that will put you in a better position in this field like – current awareness, audience demand, interactive skills, content-presentation skills, creativity, analytic mindset, ability to manage tools and techniques, design skills etc. Salaries and packages in this field vary by job title and level of responsibility.