How to Brighten Up Your Home at Night?

Your home would have an appealing architecture, a well-maintained lawn, and an outstanding garden. You know all of these are worthless if it has no proper light to brighten up your home at night. An abode with proper exterior lighting, apart from the interior one, looks great and appealing. Here are some lighting ideas that could assist you to make your home brighter at night:

Ways to Brighten Up Your Home

Illuminate the front of your abode

Many of you ignore lighting the front door of your abode. For the illumination of the front door, you should use lights to create a focal point. With proper lighting at the main entrance, you could be able to show off your abode. You can think of hanging ceiling lights, outdoor wall mounted lights, pole lamps, and exterior lanterns to highlight your house number and the main doors to people coming to see you at night.

Install spotlights on the plants in the garden 

In your garden, you have several types and sizes of plants. Some of them are in good shape. Look for such one and convert the same into a visual spectacle for your home visitors at night. Agave, cypresses, and yucca plants are great one to work as the base for the visual spectacle in front of your home. You can use string lights and spotlights to highlight the floral plants or a specific part of your garden.  

Light the pavement

Many people have to walk on a pathway to reach at the main entrance of their homes. If you ignore lighting the pathway, you, your family members, or your home visitors could get stuck to an object in the dark and fall down due to the same. For your safety, you must light the space from your main entrance to the street/road. You can opt for installing solar-powered lights, post/recessed lighting, and LED lights. 

Value lighting your garage 

Usually, people don’t pay attention to their garage lighting. As the front door lighting, lighting your garage will help you add the aesthetic appeal to your abode. Further, it will enhance your access to the garage at night and will leave no space for burglars to escape from you. In your garage lighting, you can opt for selecting between medium bright and bright lights. Going with sensor lights will be better for you.

Install pole lights 

Whether it is the space around your main entrance or the pathway from your home entrance to the street/road, you might come across a situation in which you have no option for ceiling/wall lights. You can opt for going with the installation of pole lights at the appropriate space to enhance lighting. 

Go with recessed or wall lights for the boundary wall 

You should leave no space in the dark. Try to light every nook and corner inside and outside of your home. Light the boundary wall if you have surrounded your abode with it. For this, you can think of installing wall mounted lights or pole lamps at a proper distance. With this, you can assist people identify your home easily at night. 

Have at least three layers of lighting inside your home

For making your home brighten up at night, you need to go beyond general lighting in which you install simple ceiling and wall lights. Apart from general lighting, you should pay attention to ambient and task lighting. For this, you can go with the installation of chandeliers, recessed lights, string lights, floor lamps, and decorative wall lights.  

Install security lighting

Without proper outdoor lighting, a home has a higher risk of theft, burglary, and allied issues. To ensure security and brightness of your home at night, you should pay utmost attention to security lighting. In such lighting, you can opt for installing coach lights, floodlights, soffit lights, and high-intensity discharge lights. Installing motion-based sensor lights will be far better than other outdoor lighting options. 


Brighten up your home at night consists of different lighting options – from indoor lighting to outdoor, garden, and garage lighting. Have a close look all around your abode and try not to leave a space in the dark. Going with more than one lighting option will facilitate you in getting your expected outcomes.