How to Choose an All-In-One Solution for Your Virtual AGM?

It may sound challenging to conduct a virtual event, but it is not that hard in reality. You can efficiently organize one for your business by picking the right virtual event solution. Choosing the right Virtual AGM platform can be beneficial to organize a high-level event with its offered features and tools. Such elements can be helpful to make your virtual event more engaging, interactive, and networking.

Do you want to conduct a virtual event? Are you searching for some tips? Then, this article can help you to find the best solutions for you. Below are the steers listed that can help you find an all-in-one solution for your AGM event. Let’s have a look at the tips and tricks that can be helpful.

7 Tips to Pick an All-In-One Solution for Your Virtual AGM!

7 Steers that can be helpful for many brands to pick the best & all-in-one solution for your virtual AGM are as follows:

1. Look for Budget-Friendly Solution 

Every event requires a budget for every session and part, no matter if it is online or offline. So, the first thing you must decide is your budget for the event.

  • You should analyze the following:
  • How many sponsors do you have?
  • How much investment will you invest in your virtual event?
  • Is it possible to reach that profit cost?
  • How much profit do you expect in return?

Therefore, just focus on the affordable virtual event platform. Don’t think that pocket-friendly or low-cost experts will not provide you with qualitative services and features. You can get engaging, interactive, and networking events with affordable solutions. 

2. Look for Effective Set of Features

Shortlist the best virtual AGM platforms as per your budget. Then after comparing the features they offer for virtual events. You should know what you want for your event. Based on the requirements, look for elements that can fulfill your needs. The most common but essential features for AGM events are as follows:

  1. Live Voting Polls: Engaging your audience during the live event is essential. That’s why you must look for a virtual AGM platform that provides live audience polls in order to ask questions and get data about what your attendees think about it. Also, you can add tools that can help you share emoticons, hooting, clapping, heart, etc., with the speakers to make your event more interactive and engaging.
  1. Q&A Session: Asking questions is what the audience will never stop. That’s why it will be beneficial to find a virtual event platform that offers a Q&A session. Moreover, all the attendees can share their queries and get solutions in real-time from the experts.
  1. Live Audio, Video Call & Text Chat: It is important to give freedom to the users to interact with other attendees, exhibitors, speakers, and other participants available. That’s why you must choose the best virtual AGM platform with live audio, video call, and text chat to get proper interaction for your virtual event.
  1. Document Library & Downloader: While conducting an AGM, you may require to share the documents, PDFs, Sessions, Flyers & other essential information with the attendees. That’s why you must look for a virtual event platform that can provide the participants to view and download the various types of content shared online with them during the virtual event. 
  1. Analytics & Reporting Data: You have invested a particular amount in your virtual event. So, it is necessary that you track the engagement and success of your event using the various analyses. That’s why you must pick the virtual event platform that can provide you with complete data. It can be helpful to know the number of registered users, log-in users, most engaging sessions or booths, etc., with the entire footprint of the event from start to end.

3. Look for More Easy to Accessible Platform

You must look for an easily accessible virtual event platform to ease the login process for your attendees. But when you ask the users to download the app or software to attend the event, it sends the users away. That’s why pick the best virtual AGM platform that can give your attendees a web-based solution. 

4. Look for a Secure Solution

Security of a virtual event is an important aspect that you must focus on when you are searching for a virtual AGM platform. You will be assured no matter what content or document you want to share with the participants and even other meeting rooms you require to conduct at a virtual event. With the proper security given by the best virtual event platform, you can save all these things from getting into the wrong hands without your approval.

5. Look for More Tech Supportive Platform

Sometimes, technical issues can be a significant obstacle in your virtual event. That’s why it is essential to pick the best virtual AGM platform that can provide you with 24/7 support & avoid such fuss. Your participants can log in smoothly, and you can conduct a seamless virtual event from start to end with expert tech support.

6. Look for Platform Having Space for Maximum Attendees

Sometimes, the system crashes, event slows down, or any other problem in an event if your picked virtual event platform does not have a proper system to handle the virtual world. That’s why you must choose the best virtual AGM platform. It should have a solution for all such problems and can provide as much space as you want without hassle.

7. Look for Testimonials to Know Better

Customers share the right feedback when they experience any unique thing, no matter if it is bad or good. So, the next thing you must do to pick the best virtual AGM platform is to check the testimonials. Compare the reviews given by the customers and choose that you find with the best follow-ups.


These are some tips that you must keep in mind and use when you seek the best All-In-One Solution for Your Virtual AGM. I hope, you will find this article beneficial to find the most suitable, trustworthy, and a secure all-in-one solution for your upcoming event.