How To Create Infographic with Online Tool DesignCap?

An excellent presentation is key to getting more attention to your content and DesignCap is an online tool that helps to create attractive content for a website via infographic. Whether on your company’s website, your personal blog, on social networks or at a business meeting, it is not advisable to present useful information simply through text alone.

By creating your own infographics and enriching your content, you can improve not only their visual effect but also make your listeners or website visitors easier to understand your thoughts. To communicate your concepts, results, or offers to colleagues, customers, and online users in the best possible way. It is particularly important to have concise image information.

What is DesignCap?

DesignCap offers the power of professional design tools that you can use to create beautiful posters in no time. Not only posters, but you can also use this online graphic design tool to design flyers, infographics, banners, events, and invitations.

The reasons why infographics are much appreciated by users as follow:

  1. Graphical information usually process faster than long text passages.
  2. The illustrations enrich the content of the text by highlighting important information.
  3. Graphics are easier to share on social networks.
  4. The images add a visual variety to the rather monotonous text blocks.
  5. Informational graphics are an essential part of online marketing for updating SEO content on landing pages, blogs, or social media platforms.

So computer graphics is not only meaningful and useful as it can provide information to the audience very quickly. For the SEO of your web content, adapted infographics can also do a lot, because they increase the extent of your online presence by clicks, likes, and shares and ideally lead to more conversions.

There is a lot of software on the market with which you can build your own informative graphics. In order to give you the right orientation, this post presents you with a dead-easy graphic design online tool – DesignCap.

How to create infographics with DesignCap Online Tool?

1. To have your DesignCap Tool

Before starting you would need to log in to DesignCap tool. If you do not have an account you can register for free at the following link by selecting the Sign Up-Free button. You can choose between three registration methods: Facebook, Google, or a personal email. Note: The best point of DesignCap allows you to try its services without registration. But if you want to save your works to its cloud storage, it is better to register to have an account.

2. Choose the infographic template from the Templates library

We recommend browsing the library of logo templates to speed up the process of creating the logo without starting from scratch. But if you want to start your design from scratch, it is feasible that it provides quite numerous resources for you to use.

To view the templates you can select the infographic template tab and then pick your favorite one. All the templates will display on the left side. As you can see the logos divided into categories such as Education, Business, Music, and many other categories.

If you click on All next to the sector you can see other templates.

When you have found the infographic template you like just click it to the blank canvas.

3. Customize the template with handy editors

Now that you’ve chosen the template, it’s time to customize it using the features of the Canvas interface.

  • Setting the color
  1. Using DesignCap, it is easy to select the area of the infographics where you want to change the color.
  2. After selecting, it would appear a small panel. You could change the color by moving with the cursor or enter the HEX hex code.

If you don’t know which colors to choose, the online application Colors helps to find color combinations that look good with each other.

  • Editing text

In addition to colors, the other ingredient that makes your infographic clarify is definitely the font. To change the font:

  1. By adding your text to change the font, or selecting the text on the template to modify.
  2. Choosing the font from the drop-down menu to you can set them at your will.
  • Adding elements

Selecting the Graphics tab on the left side navigation bar will appear a series of items such as Lines, Shapes, illustrations, and icons that you can use to give the logo an even more personalized design.

  • Uploads

Do you have any images you want to use? There is no problem with Designcap function as you can upload the file from your PC and then click it into the canvas.

  • Download and share your project

Now that you have made and customized your logo you can download it to your PC. To download select the Download button at the top right choose the file format (default is png) and click on download.

Want to invite your friend to design your works? With designcap, you can share your projects and get them to join your project editing.

Hope this post was helpful and you can feel ready to create your project for free with DesignCap.