How To Do Vajrasana And Know Its Benefits

‘Vajra’ signifies jewel molded or a thunderclap; ‘asana’ signifies stance or posture. Vajrasana has been named after the shape it takes – a precious stone or thunderclap.

This asana is articulated as vahj-RAH-sah-na. 

In the event that there is one all-encompassing representation that you can slip into effectively, and still increase an assortment of advantages, it is the Vajrasana, the Adamantine Pose. 

Step by step instructions to do Vajrasana (Adamantine Pose) 

  • Sit with your legs extended straight before you. 
  • Presently, overlay both the legs and sit in a bowing position, keeping the hips on the heels; the toes should bring up behind you, and your huge toes should contact each other at the back. On the off chance that you are an apprentice, you might need to hold a pad under your feet for solace to forestall lower leg torment. You could likewise decide to keep a pad or cover over the feet and underneath the knees if there should be an occurrence of knee torment. 
  • Sit serenely on the pit shaped by the separated heels. 
  • Keep your head, neck, and spine in an orderly fashion. Spot your palms on your thighs, confronting upwards. 
  • In the event that you are a serious yoga professional, hold this posture for around 15 minutes, while taking long, full breaths. Fledglings may begin with around 30 seconds, as indicated by their solace level. 
  • Breathe out and unwind. 
  • Fix your legs. 

Benefits of Vajrasana

  • Upgrades blood flow in the lower mid-region, improving processing. 
  • Vajrasana Eases unnecessary gas and agony in the stomach area. 
  • Reinforces the nerves of legs and thighs. 
  • Makes knees and lower leg joints adaptable, forestalling certain rheumatic infections. 
  • Keeps the neck and spine adjusted and erect, absent a lot of exertion, empowering simple energy stream in the Nadis (energy channels) in the back. 
  • Vajrasana loosens up the midriff and hip area, giving help during feminine agony. 
  • Goes about as a base stance for the act of pranayamas, just as a preliminary posture for reflection. 


  • The individuals who experience intense difficulty or firmness in the foot, lower leg, and knees. 
  • Those with a slipped circle. 
  • The individuals who experience issues in the development of appendages must take extraordinary consideration. 

Novel components of Vajrasana

  • This is the main yoga asana you can do in the wake of eating. On the off chance that you sit in Vajrasana after your dinners, food gets processed well. 
  • This asana diminishes the progression of blood to the lower areas, expanding flow to the upper parts – stomach related framework, lungs, and cerebrum. 
  • The phenomenal piece of this stance is that it is the base stance – various asanas like Gomukhasana, Ustrasana, and Shishuasana start. One can likewise sit in Vajrasana while doing pranayamas. But, it is advantageous to just protest this stance too! 

Yoga brings a couple of clinical preferences that develop the body and mind yet is surely not a substitute for drugs. Do get familiar with the asanas under the management of a prepared Sri Yoga educator, subsequent to counseling a specialist on the off chance that you have an ailment.