How To Get Discovered On Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a very powerful feature, you may however find it hard to point out exactly what good it does or could do, most especially because of a lack of high enough engagements. Hence, getting content and businesses discovered on Instagram Reels and banking more engagements is usually a major concern for people.

Instagram – one of the giants in the social media industry – has rolled out a feature that allows you to create very short videos known as “Reels.” This feature serves as a great way to promote your business or brand, new goods and services, and many other things.

Since creating short videos are a great way to get more engagements on your posts, Instagram Reels will be of great help in getting more engaging followers for your business. People who are most likely going to become your business customers.

In this article, I will be revealing some ways to get discovered on Reels to get more views, engagements, and leads for your business.

How To Get Discovered On Instagram Reels

1. Creating Rich Original Contents

Endeavoring to create original content with Instagram Reel is one of the most important things to do when you’re trying to get more engagements for your business. With Instagram stating that they only prioritize contents that aren’t visibly recycled from third-party apps like TikTok and others, you will be able to stand out only by coming up with original content.

Certainly, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel in totality while trying to create original content. What you’re to do is to look at the contents that others have created. Then you should try to create that kind of content in your perspective and also add what others are missing out in their content. This way, you’ll be able to take the content to a level of originality.

2. Being aware of Trends

Taking advantage of things that people are posting about can help you to gain more engagements on your posts since there will be people who want to know more (and also listen to the view of others) about a trend.

Take your time regularly to go through Reels from other people. Take note of ones that people are creating a reasonable amount of content on (advisably in your line of business). Find out more about those kinds of content and then create such content in your style.

3. Making use of Hashtags

Including Hashtags – the right hashtags – into your Instagram Reels when posting them is another great way to get people to discover your content. Thereby giving you a chance to bank higher engagements for your Reels.

For instance, when you create an Instagram Reel on Tesla Car, adding hashtags such as #Tesla, #car and #teslacar will help Instagram Reels’ Algorithm to understand that your content is about a car. This helps to increase the likelihood of your content being displayed to people who are interested in such content.

In addition to that, Instagram has released a “keyword search” feature which of course will be of great help to you as lots of people from different parts of the world would want to find out content related to what they’re searching for. This certainly is a very good chance to get people to find your videos and also increase your visibility.

4. Knowing the exact time to post

Sometimes, you may find out that although you post quality content, you probably aren’t getting near the level of engagements that you expect for your content. This may be because you post your content when your audience is less active. If you try targeting the time when your audience is very active, you stand a high chance of increased views and engagements on your videos.

On the “Insights” tab, you can assess your audience’s timings and find out when they’re most active. Target the period when they’re usually very active based on your assessment and post your videos.

I believe that this method will not only help you to gain more engagements from your followers, but it will also help you to know your audience a little bit better.

5. Brand’s Consistency

Making sure that you have a clear and consistent brand representation would help your followers to easily recognize your brand and content.

You don’t need to follow the guidelines meant for “big brands”. Just try to make sure that you’re doing something consistently such that if any of your audience sees your content, he can easily identify that it is yours. A good example of the aforesaid is consistently providing an exact type of content (E.g. Fashion content). 

When you provide great content on one particular subject consistently, you will gradually start gaining the trust of your followers who may recommend your content to other people. Thereby increasing your chances of being discovered on Instagram reels by more people.

6. Make use of current or trending music

Believe it or not, adding music to your reels plays an important role in the level of success of your reels. If you make use of a catchy song that most people usually love to listen to, you stand a chance of an increased level of engagement. Why? That’s because the viewer will most likely want to finish listening to the song which will in turn increase engagement on your content. 

Doing that can also make your followers share your videos which will help your brand to be discovered more quickly by other people.

7. Sharing your Instagram Reels to your feed

After creating a Reel, you may feel that you don’t need to share it with your feed. And that is most certainly going to affect the number of views you get. You should therefore try sharing it to your Instagram stories to increase the chance of your followers discovering your content and also to increase the level of engagement on your content. 


Creating and Discovered on Instagram Reels is unarguably one of the best ways to gain a higher fanbase and increase your engagements. You must remember that your Instagram followers can become loyal customers to your business. Therefore, you must do your best to gain more followers, increase your engagements and gain more customers for your business.