How to Make Ice Chips Like The Hospital?

What are Ice Chips?

Ice Chips are used in hospitals before surgery to relieve pain. You can also make Ice chips like hospital at home also every easily. These types of chips are mostly used for mouth sores or oral mucositis.

What are Hospital Ice Chips?

Hospital Ice Chip has different varieties. One is crushed ice and another one is soft ice. This type of hospital ice is given to the patient to easily treat and lower the pain before surgery. They are mostly the same as ice cubes but thin in size as they are easily chewable.

Ice Varieties: Crushed & Soft

There are two types of Ice varieties: Crushed (crunchy) and  Soft Ice. Let’s have a look at them what are they?

Crushed Ice:

Crushed Ice is small pieces of hard ice. This type of Ice melts very quickly compared to any Ice as they already divided into too very small pieces.

Soft Ice:

Soft Ice is the medium size of ice cube which you can mostly use in drinks to chill. This type of Ice is easily crushed between choppers.

How to Make Ice Chips?

For making Ice at home like hospital you will have to follow the below steps, let’s have a look at them:

Things Require:

  • Freezer
  • Flat aluminum tray
  • Container for storage

It takes 35 to 45 minutes only for making.


  • Take a flat aluminium tray.
  • Fill that tray with water.
  • Place that tray into the freezer.
  • After 4-5 hours, when frozen, take tray outside from the freezer.
  • Give the tray a little twist and it will convert into the Chips


The process to make Ice Chips is very simple and would be prepared within 5-6 hours maximum. So you can try to make ice chip like hospital at home very easily and quickly.