predict your future

Are you curious to know your future? Do you realize what is going to happen in your upcoming time? 

Here are a few popular future prediction methods that prevail in various parts of the world. Each technique has its own characteristics and procedures.

How To Predict Your Future?

Astrology for Future Prediction

Astrology is a pseudoscience that forecasts the divine information about terrestrial events and human affairs by studying the relative movements and positions of the cosmic world and celestial objects. This concept is used in Rashifal or Horoscope that uses graphical representation, chart, and zodiac signs by considering cosmic positions across space.

Astrology is a wide array of forecast techniques that include Vedic Astrology, Western Astrology, Karmic Astrology, Horary Astrology, and many more. Let us take a glance at some very well known astromancy predictions.

Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is an essential part of Indian Astrology. It consists of Vedas, and the forecast is based on birth charts that take into consideration information like birthplace, time, and date.

This Indian Astrology science tells about past, present, and future, and its influence can be seen on destiny and karma. It holds great importance in kundali and defines the dasha and antardasha of various celestial objects.

Vedic Astrology brings new opinion in people’s lives and emphasizes karma and actions. 

Western Astrology

Western Astrology is based on horoscope and famous in Western countries. It defines the influence of planetary bodies based on a person’s birth. It takes into consideration the Sun Sign Astrology (position of the Sun) that depicts the future on a person’s date of birth.

Western Astronomy uses the tropical zodiac and considers Earth as the center, and all heavenly bodies revolve around it. 

Horary Astrology for Future Prediction

Horary Astrology is a technique based on questions. Any human being who does not know the precise birth time, place, and date can use this method to reveal what lies in subsequent life.

In this procedure, the astrologer decides the Ascendant based on planetary movements and positions when the native has asked the question. Astrologers will answer all the questions of native. It does not include any calculation, mathematical techniques, or dasha.

Numerology for Future Prediction

Nowadays, the popularity of Numerology is increasing rapidly. It is referred to as a belief in the mystical or divine relationship between numbers and coinciding events. It also includes numeric values of letters, names, and ideas. 

This future prediction method has destiny numbers, name numbers, and root numbers from 1 to 9. These three numerals must if compatible, and if not, then it is not considered as auspicious for native. 

However, in case of incompatibility of these numbers, changes can be made in the native’s name to establish a match between name, root, and destiny numbers. Destiny and root numerals are decided based on a person’s birth date, and name numbers are based on the English alphabet.

Numerology is also associated with paranormal and similar divinatory arts.

Tarot Cards for Future Prediction

Tarot card is also one of the most used methods for future prediction, especially in Western countries. 

Tarot cards are a form of prediction that works with the divine and higher self of the individual. A deck of 78 cards consists of major and minor arcenas, and from that 1-21 are prime cards, and remaining are normal cards. 

Tarot card reading is a procedure to gain insights of the past, present, and future by asking a question and drawing and interpreting cards. It is also referred to as a type of cartomancy. 

Palmistry for Future Prediction

Do you have a question in your mind,’ how one can predict my future by seeing hands?’ then here is the answer.

As the name suggests, Palmistry is a method that forecasts the future by taking into consideration the lines, mounts, and signs of the palm, limbs, nails, and other physical attributes. 

Palmistry does not require a person’s birth chart information. The lines on palms depict the character, personality, and future of the person. It is also familiar with the name ‘Caramancy.’ 

This practice is found in a variety of cultural diversions across the globe, and hence different versions prevail to analyze the pattern and characteristics of hands.

Other methods for Future Prediction

Besides the above mentioned future prediction techniques, other methods are also useful for forecasting. To name a few, these are – Chinese Astrology, Crystal Ball, Loshu Chakra, Ramala, and many more.

The above mentioned best future prediction methods would spill the beans of your life, so carry out good deeds and act wisely to savor the fruitful outcomes.