aol desktop gold problems

How To Troubleshoot Common AOL Desktop Gold Problems?

Many users ask and put their concerns every next day, solving them is a little bit tricky.

Here below we listed a few of common Aol desktop gold problems that users experience.

Providing you the easiest solutions to troubleshoot those problems is our first priority.

In this post, you are going to learn various troubleshooting techniques for highly-reported AOL Desktop gold problems.

3 Most Common AOL Desktop Gold Problems 

  1. Problems with AOL desktop gold after updating Windows 10 
  2. Sounds for the new AOL Desktop Gold don’t work
  3. Is your AOL Desktop Gold Running Slow?

These are mostly encountered problems by users for AOL desktop gold software. If you are irritated with AOL desktop gold software and software functioning causing too much trouble. Now, with no more fuss, let’s dive right in to fix these problems.

Problem 1: Problems with AOL desktop Gold After Updating Windows 10

After updating to Windows 10 software is not working. This is one of the most common problems encountered by users. 

Users are not able to access mails properly. Videos are not playing, not able to play games. There are many more queries users are putting up regarding AOL desktop compatibility with WINDOWS 10.


Here we will discuss the solutions to troubleshoot WINDOWS 10 updating issues:

  • The very important point, make sure your AOL desktop software is also updated if you are working with updated WINDOWS 10. Use the latest version of the software to fulfill the system requirements.
  • If you are facing problems with emails, videos, gaming, etc. Check your internet connection is it steady or working properly.  If your internet is fluctuating then you can never access AOL desktop gold properly.
  • It is advisable while updating the operating system, upgrade AOL gold software also. You can try reinstalling AOL desktop gold if you updated your WINDOWS 10. Go to the programs menu and uninstall the software (AOL desktop gold) and then again login to your AOL account. Now reinstall the AOL gold software.
  • Go to the programs menu and uninstall the software (AOL desktop gold).
  •  Now you have to do the Aol desktop gold login process. 
  •  Now reinstall the AOL gold software.

Problem 2: Audio Of New AOL Desktop Gold Not Working

After updating WINDOWS 10, AOL desktop gold software is misbehaving. If you are playing any video, and it is not audible to you?

It is the problem related to updating the software. So, firstly make sure you have a compatible operating system and your software is also the latest.

Before going for the solution, make sure you have updated audio drivers and have speakers well connected to the system.


Now here is the solution if audio of the new AOL software not working:

  • Go to start Window, type “devmgmt.msc” and press enter and search.
  • Open up “sonic, video and Game controllers”.
  • Right-click on “high definition audio device” and enable it. Close the Windows now.

After following this if still, the problem persists, go back and;

  • Go to “high definition audio device”.
  • Click on update driver software.

Now, if it still does not help then, uninstall the software, and reinstall AOL desktop gold.

Seek help from the desktop gold support team, call us anytime.

Problem 3: Is AOL Desktop working slowly

Sometimes you are working on software, do you experience slow working or loading of your computer or software? System hangs up or shutdowns on its own?

This is not the AOL desktop gold works very slow; this is the issue with your system. Free some storage of your hard disk.

You should have 512 MB of free storage on your hard disk before you download AOL desktop gold software on your computer.


Try out these solutions to handle the above issue:

  • Delete all the unwanted junk and unused files, clear your history, and clean up space in your hard disk.
  • Try scanning your device, so that it will give out all the corrupted or useless files or documents in your system which is occupying the space. (PC Scanning Tool)
  • Check your system meets the basic system requirements before using AOL desktop gold.
  • Free the RAM space in your system.
  • If you haven’t rebooted your system recently, then you should try rebooting. This helps in clearing up useless files, history and etc.
  • This way you can easily clear up space for relevant files and for installing AOL desktop gold software.

Take Help For Problems Which Not Listed Here

There are many other Aol desktop gold problems that user’s face in day-to-day life. 

I suggest you take help from Aol experts for getting assistance for all your Aol problems