adobe illustrator for beginners

Is Adobe Illustrator for Beginners Good?

Adobe Illustrator is becoming a really popular program within the design world. Why is it so popular? The pliability of this tool and the ability to export high-resolution illustrations has made it a superb program for graphic designers. Colors, lines, and strokes are often easily manipulated in Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator for beginners is good or not that we will see in the below information.

First of all, in most cases, it is better to have a simple logo than a complicated one. If a logo for the company, a simple logo with 2-3 colors will be better than a complicated logo that uses many colors. The logo is going to promote your services. Therefore the logo will be printed on different kinds of promotional products, such as t-shirts, brochures, posters, etc. You can also customize t-shirts to promote business with logo.

It is important for designers to make simple graphics on the logo. The logo should be smart, and everyone should be able to remember it. If the logo is too complicated, people may not like it. As we can see, most of the big companies use a simple logo, for example McDonald’s, Facebook, Google, etc.

However, another important thing for people who design logos is to ensure that they convey the message of the company within the concept of the logo. When designing a logo, you need to understand what is behind the company and understand what the company has to offer with just a glance. Therefore, sometimes using a slogan is a good idea; the slogan helps to convey the message in the text. If people don’t understand the message, they couldn’t deliver the logo.

The important rule in the logo design industry, using stock images (images you did not make yourself, from stock image sites) in the logo is simply wrong, and that conveys the message that your company does not it is Serious.

Use a vector logo – Making the logo as a vector is always better. Vector means that when you use the software in which you created the logo, you will be able to scale the logo size as much as you like without losing image quality.

All images are made of pixels; if you try to enlarge a normal image, you will lose some of the image quality. If you want to create the logo as a vector, you will want to use adobe illustrator or Photoshop. Adobe illustrator for beginners is better because that software that works in basic vector; most professional designers use Illustrator for logo design.

Why Adobe Illustrator for Beginners Is Good?

1) Drawing icons

Why draw icons in Illustrator? Illustrator features a powerful grid system that creates it very easy to draw accurate icon graphics. You’ll draw basic shapes like squares, rectangles, circles and snap them to the grid. The snap feature and alignment tools make it easy to draw and organize your shapes. 

2) Draw maps

The line tool and, therefore, the pencil tool make it easy to draw lines and shapes. The Pen tool allows you the draw any shape possible. It is often difficult for all the beginners to find out the way to use the pencil tool.

3) Drawing information graphics

Newspapers and magazines often use information graphics to display statistics and figures. Most of the drawings are wiped out by Adobe Illustrator because it contains some useful tools to draw graphs and pie charts automatically just by entering the info figures.

4) Draw realistic objects

Photorealistic product drawings are often made in Adobe Illustrator. The Mesh Tool is the foremost common tools for creating smooth, realistic hatches. The top result’s a sensible object drawing that will amaze your client.

5) Draw cartoons

The flat color look has made it a well-liked style for creating cute cartoons. The Pen tool makes all the drawing shapes and coloring very easy in Adobe Illustrator. Additionally to the pencil tool, the gradient tool makes shading and coloring in Illustrator a breeze. Albeit customers reject your color palette, you’ll easily swap colors.

6) Logos

Most professional logos are made in vector programs as they will be easily exported and utilized in other media. The file makes it easy to print sharp and attractive logo heads for company profiles and advertising materials. The isolated background makes it very easy to put the brand on your advertising materials.

Can’t understand why your illustrations don’t look nearly as good as other illustrators?

Don’t be concerned because I’m getting to reveal four golden tips to assist you in achieving better drawing skills for beginners with Adobe Illustrator.

4 Tips to achieving better drawing skills with Illustrator

1. Master the Pen tool

Learning to use the pencil tool effectively is that the most vital aspect of making great-looking vector graphics. Many beginners did not understand the fundamentals of using the pencil tool. I will be able to suggest you get some tutorials on the way to draw shapes with the Pen Tool. The more practice you set in, the smoother your shape will become. Illustrators took years to perfect the pencil tool. It’s a skill that will improve over time. So don’t hand it over.

2. Use of fewer anchor points

Many beginners make the error of using overly large anchor points to draw shapes. This generally leads to an irregular shape. What I will be able to suggest is to use as few anchor points as possible. One tip I will be able to give is to feature anchors only at changes of direction or corners: the fewer anchor points, the smoother the form. 

3. Using the graceful tool

The Smooth tool is one of the fastest ways to smooth uneven paths. Just draw along the paths that you simply want to smooth. If you’ve got a Wacom tablet, it’ll be easier and faster to smooth the sides. Go round the edges several times to form it perfectly. It’s a really useful gizmo for cleaning your final artwork.

The grid is one of the simplest guides to assist you in drawing precise objects. Learn to use the grid effectively, and you’ll haven’t any trouble drawing amazing icons, maps, and diagrams. Remember to show snapping on so you’ll snap your lines and shapes to the grid. It’ll offer you more precision.

4. Use Pathfinder wisely

Some illustrators like better to use Pathfinder to create their objects. So as to try to do that, you want to learn to divide complex shapes into basic circles and squares. You’ll first get to build your basic shape by combining these basic shapes to make your starting object. Next, refine the sides and corners of your rough shape using the Pen tool or the graceful tool. This is often a fast thanks to creating complex shapes.


From the above listed information, you come to know that Is Adobe Illustrator is good for beginners or not? Now I hope you ae clear about confusion regarding to use Adobe Illustrator.