Is Travelling with Pet Safe? A brief Guide

When you are travelling with pet by car or air, safety precautions become more essential to be taken care of. Ulike human beings, animals lack a sense of precautionary methods and may react proactively towards any situation, creating a nuisance & involving a threat of an accident.

You must always take a mode of transportation in which you are most comfortable to travel along with your pet. You must take note that cats are always better off at home. Because they are not very comfortable with dealing with changes and would choose home comforts rather than traveling around.

If there is the slightest chance that you may leave your cat behind, you must. You must also know that if you are taking your dog along, they demand most of your time. So unless you are okay with tagging them along everywhere you go, you must leave them behind too.

Once you are getting your pets along, there are a few things that you must always take care while travelling with a pet:

Travel by Car with Pet

You must always ensure that you carry a perfect-sized carriage for your pet. Also, make sure that you put a seat belt on it tightly. Because you do not want it to slide on the seat and make your pet uncomfortable. You may think that your dog is very friendly and loves to travel in a car. But it is never safe to let it sit and roam freely in the car.

Dogs are very overwhelming animals and might even jump on you while you are driving and may become a cause of an accident. No matter how bad you feel about it, you must always keep your dog in the kernel. If it is not okay to be in a carrier, you may put a dog restrainer or seat belt to keep him from sudden actions.

Never keep your pet on the front seat. There is a huge factor in never putting a pet on the front seat even while in a carrier. If god forbid you to get into a sudden crash, the airbag deploys, and it may injure your pet. You can never take any risks involved in a drive.

Cats and pets must always seat inside safely and must be forbidden from keeping their heads outside the window. Animals are usually observed enjoying the drive and rush of wind while putting their heads outside the window. But as fascinating as it seems to them, it is very dangerous, and you must restrain it from happening. You must also never transport a pet in the back of an open truck as it may jump off the vehicle and may end up hurting itself. You must always stay extra cautious with them while on a journey.

Animals get very restless if they do not get poop and pee breaks. You can never avoid small breaks amidst travel. Cats and dogs should lash out of their carriages while ensuring that they are leashed to a chain. You must also make sure that you park the car properly while letting the pets out as you do not want them to run around on the highway and end up in an accident.

The most important thing that you must take care of is: never to leave your pet inside the car alone. While you may think that you will be back soon, you never know what might hold you back. And you might end up getting late. A car gets warm very fast and heated up even at normal temperature when it is close for a mere thirty mins. You cannot leave your pet to suffer in a heated car as it may damage its organs due to the heat and may even die.

Travel by Air with Pet

It is usually observed that animals are very scared of heights. So they suffer from claustrophobia when on the plane. They find it difficult to breathe at heights, and due to pressure, the ear logs also happen.

While some things are scientifically understood, animals do not understand such logic and may freak out while going through these changes. You must always carry anti-anxiety pills along to control the situation and keep your pet calm.

There are certain breeds that are not welcome in the airlines. You must always make sure that your pet does not lie in the category. If you will give a choice between cargo or cabin for travelling with pet, you should choose the cabin over cargo.