Kudremukh Trek: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

If You are looking for a place where you can enjoy free time on weekends, see different kinds of flora and fauna, and even want to explore some historical places. Kudremukh trek is the best place where one can enjoy the listed activities. Kudremukh peak is located in the heart of western ghats called Chikkamagaluru District in Karnataka. This peak is the third highest peak in Karnataka after the Mullayyangiri and the Baba Budangiri peak. At the altitude of 6,207 ft, the Kudremukh peak shows amazing and heavenly sites. 

A Quick Review On The Kudremukh Peak        

A vacation on the Kudremukh trek can give a whole new experience about nature including incredible views, wild animals, different flora, and many more. It’s in the Chikkamagaluru region of Karnataka. This trek is loved by nature lovers, photographers, and site viewers as it has all. In the Kannada language, Kudremukh means a horse face. The peak of this mountain also looks like a horse’s face from the side.

Throughout the year this place has a moderate temperature which also helps tourists to visit at any time without taking any tension about the extreme temperature problem. This region is famous for its anonymous views and the dense Shola forest and also the Kudremukh National Park which is also the second-largest wildlife protection area in western ghats. The top of the peak gives magnificent 270 degrees in the surrounding, which can’t be seen in any windowed room.

How to Reach Kundremukh Trek

There are many ways to reach the Kudremukh trek with any means of transportation. Here is the list of how to do it-          

  • By the train – Mangalore is the nearest railway station from Kudremukh about 100km and all the visitors have to take a bus from that point. It’s a 2.15 hours whole trip. 
  • By the road – All the tourists have to come from Mangalore and Bangalore. It’s an ideal road trip and there are many coffee or meal shops at every distance. 
  • By the airlines – The nearest airport to Kudremukh region is Mangalore airport, around 93 km away. Tourists have to take their personal or local transport to Kudremukh.  

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the Kudremukh trek is June to February. As the temperature of the region is moderate throughout the year so there is no problem but still tourists avoid summer visiting as the open area can cause several problems to the skin. Apply sunscreen and keep essential/important items with yourself as there are no shops nearby the trail of the trek.                 

Remember To Do List:-

There are many so much fun and adventurous things to do in the Kudremukh trek region and the main things to do or visit listed below:-

  • Trekking – It is the main activity that one should do while visiting any mountain. The Kudremukh peak is 1894 m above the sea level and provides a heavenly view and many have also seen the horizon of Arabian Sea and sunset during the trekking.
  • Kudremukh National Park – This National park is located in the tropical evergreen forest part of the western ghats. It was established in 1987 and spread in a 600 km area. This place has a variety of both flora and fauna, and also includes the wild animals which are in endangered or endemic list.
  • Hanuman Gundi Falls – This waterfall enhances the beauty of Kudremukh region. The height of the waterfall is 100 feet and tourists feel calm and relaxed by the voice of the waterfall.
  • Kalasa – This is the home of Kalaseshwara Temple which was created for Lord Shiva. It is located at the bank of Bhadar River, the whole place is covered in rainforest and also nature.   

Key points To Remember

There are many things to remember while traveling/trekking that every tourist must keep in their head such as-

  • Trekkers having breathing problems, blood pressure, spinal or bone ache should leave this activity as it requires a fitness level. And before trekking everyone should do a little warm exercise and try to keep your breathing normal. 
  • There are no shops nearby during the trek, so trekkers should carry essential items like water and a small amount of food. 
  • Before starting the trip apply sunscreen and wear comfortable sports clothes and shoes. 
  • Also carry night lamb or head torches etc devices which can provide a good amount of light. And also some extra clothes as in case they get wet or dirty because of the muddy road. 
  • Stay away from the bushes near as noise can easily attract the wild animal and they may also attack you. During the waterfall or stream part of the trek it’s advisable to wear leech soch so that in water leech can’t suck the blood from one’s body.  


The Kudremukh trek region is a wonderful blessing of God and nature. As there are places that are blessed by Lord Shiva in the beauty of nature. This place is the best example of an ecological balance between humans and wildlife.