Kumara Parvatha Trek: Complete Guide

Trekking is one of the most popular activities to do on a weekend. Particularly Bangalore that has the ideal climate and atmosphere that can delight any tourist. Coorg is often regarded as an ideal destination for those who love the climate and is adorned with a variety of hidden gems of character. One of the most notable is Kumara Parvatha.

Take a stroll along the rocky trails of Pushpagiri to take in the breathtaking images of majestic cliffs, mountains, and canyons. Get the Girigadde belief to be halted by stunning chutes, accompanied by the twilight reflections that are decent. The journeying experience will provide you with the opportunity to experience a long adventure and excitement.

Kumara Parvatha Trek:

The trek of Kumara Parvatha is sought-after by trekkers due to the way it combines from the arid wilderness to vast ranges, as well as a tubular. The trip is the perfect way for crowds of people to surrender. Even though it’s a strenuous trek for the beginner trekker, they may find it difficult. If they keep their fitness levels in mind and body they will be able to achieve it. The all out distance of the trip is around 22 km. It will be completed within two days.

This Kumara Parvatha trek begins at the center of nature. The railings are massive enough to stop sunlight from reaching the ground. There is only a tiny amount of sunlight that pierces through the obstacles. The lawns following the grove area add enjoyment to the landscape. This creates a romantic feel, which could add more colors on your site.

The best month:

It is believed that the most suitable time to do this trek is between October through January. This is the most promising time to undertake this trek. Additionally, there is also the possibility of attending the period from June to September that is thought to be the best time for this trek. If you are unable to attend this month you are still able to participate in this trek all year long. Because the climate here is suitable for hiking. If you’re an avid naturalist, then the monsoon is a suitable time to go on treks like the Kumara Parvatha trek. This is when the weather reveals itself with all the awe.

Doings to consider:

Things you can do while trekking includes camping, photography Sightseeing, Camping, and more. These are all things that can be done while hiking. Photography is the most popular activity, particularly when you’re completing a tough hike. There are many places where you can capture your perfect location photo. Additionally, there is Camping. Camping is an essential thing to do. After a strenuous hike, you can lie down and relax in the evening in a comfortable spot to have conversations with your friends from your group and talk about the day’s activities. Thirdly, you can go sightseeing. On this trek, you will come across many locations which are connected to the significance of accounting. It is also possible to see temples, meadows, forests as well as other sites. These are just a few of the options available other than hiking.

Things to do:

The places to go to during your trek include Mallalli Waterfalls, Biladwara Cave, Pushpagiri Forest Reserve, and many more. These are just a handful of places you can go to. First, there is Mallalli Waterfalls, which is located about 26 km to the west of Somwarpet Village of Coorg region and is one of the most fascinating and interesting wilderness routes in Karnataka. Be mindful of the sponges that can be found on the sylvan trails! Additionally, there is Biladwara Cave,

If you’re noticing something that is unique in you Kumara Parvatha hike, Biladwara Cave is the place to be looking for. The caves are situated amidst the magnificent terraces which allows you to soak in the fresh, warm sun and enliven your spirituality. In the third, Pushpagiri forest reserve, lush green landscapes, flowing waterfalls, the sound of birds in the jungle, and the varying shades of freshness across the length of Pushpagiri makes this an ideal weekend getaway for Bangaloreans. These are just a handful of places where you should be aware of as you walk through this trail.

Things to take with you:

Things you should carry prior to embarking on the trek include water at minimum 3 liters, comfortable clothes that are appropriate to the season. If you’re trekking during summer, then you should include sunscreen as well as caps and moisturizer. Torchis recommended bringing an additional battery. A towel and well-constructed hiking shoes. It’s also a must to have a First aid kit. In addition, it is also possible to pack dry fruits and energy bars, as well as a beverage. These are just a few of the essential items to bring with you before setting off for this journey.


It’s an extremely difficult trek. Therefore, those who are beginners or first-time trekkers are not permitted. Consult a physician prior to and after your trek, ensure both your mental and physical health. The trail that you walk on is well maintained, therefore it is advised to not leave the trail in a mess. When you’ve completed the trek, you’ll leave back home with your heart filled with memories. Be sure to stay away from costly jewels.