Letter of Invitation for Canada Visa Application: Everything You Need To Know

Visa processing can be both a complicated and tedious job to do. There are so many steps that it is easy to get confused. One of them is a letter of invitation for Canada visa application. Not everyone is aware of this document, yet it is somewhat important in the process. So, if you have no idea about this but want to know more, keep on reading. However, the super visa invitation letter can be slightly different.

What Is A Letter Of Invitation?

The visa invitation letters are often used as part of the documentation that is delivered to a Canadian embassy or consulate. It is only used for some cases, like when requested a tourist visa for Canada. The citizens who are eligible for eTA do not need this document.

It is not a necessary document, but it is frequent. It can help the consular officer decide to approve the visa that is requested. But it is important to understand that letter of invitation for a Canada visa is not enough to obtain the visa by itself. But it is one more element to take into account and to tip the balance in favor of the applicant.

Also, if an invitation letter is not presented, that does not mean that the visa cannot be obtained. In other words, it is a voluntary filing document that can help to obtain the visa.

Who Can Write a Letter of Invitation for Canada Visa Application?

The invitation letter for Canada is not written by the person requesting the visa. It is written by a different one that lives in Canada.

At this point, the immigration status of said person in Canada is essential. It determines if they have the capacity to write this type of document. The following people can do it.

  1. First of all, Canadian citizens. He must prove such a situation through documents such as a copy of the Canadian passport or the birth certificate. Actually, any official document that proves your Canadian status will do.
  2. Second, legal permanent residents. In this case, they must include with the letter a photocopy of their residence card.
  3. And thirdly, foreigners who are legally in Canada because they have a valid visa. They can write the invitation letter.

Finally, bear in mind that if the invitation is made in favor of a relative due to marriage, shoe proof. For example, for a father-in-law, the invitation letter must have a photocopy of the wedding certificate. Also, you need a photocopy of the passport of your husband or wife.

For example, Suppose a Canadian citizen married an Italian woman. And now he wants to invite his mother-in-law to visit them he must include:

  • Proof of his Canadian citizenship, 
  • Proof that he is married to his Italian wife and a copy of her passport.

What Information Should The Letter Of Invitation For Canada Visa Application Include?

It should be noted that it is a formal document. And therefore, an appropriate tone should be used, especially in the greeting and in the opening paragraph.

The invitation letter must be addressed to the corresponding embassy, ​​consulate, or visa center.

You must include the name and contact information of the individual who wants to offer the visa applicant accommodation. You can also put the information or of the company, educational center or hospital that invited you to travel.

The content of the document must include the name and surname of the visa applicant. Also:

  • Their passport number, 
  • The dates of their trip and 
  • A brief description of the nature of their visit, accompanied by an itinerary as detailed as possible.

In the case of letters of invitation from individuals, they must also reflect the express desire to host the applicant. Also, they need some proof of their relationship with the owner of the home where they will stay if any.

Why Is It Important To Present An Invitation Letter With The Visa Application?

As a general rule, the more details of the stay provided, the better.  The more evidence that is included to demonstrate the applicant’s intention to return to their country, the more possibility to get the visa.

In this case, it is a document that helps to put in context the reasons for the trip to Canada, either for pleasure or work. It also offers the authorities very valuable information about where they could locate the holder of the visa.

Final verdict

Although the letter of invitation for Canada visa application is not mandatory, accuracy is a must. The lack of a document, omissions, or errors, may lead to the immediate denial of the visa due to incomplete documentation. It will not be possible to integrate missing documents later. That is why it is important to contact an experienced and expert agency that can help you throughout the process.

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