Role of Male Partners During IVF Treatments – A Complete Analysis

IVF treatment cycles can wreak havoc on women’s physical and mental health. It may seem like an endless loop of hope and despair. Even if you’re getting treated at the most reputed IVF centre near you, you can’t escape the emotional turmoil associated with it. Women are often told to stay positive and take care of themselves. However, we overlook a crucial role played by the male partners through this life-changing journey.

In this article, we will go through the importance of male partners in IVF treatments:

Sperm Donors For IVF

The most imperative role of men is as sperm donors. Sperms provide the necessary genetic material for fertilization. It’s something to be noted that it’s not only women who go through feelings of inadequacy. Even men experience these feelings which makes them susceptible to depression. Right counselling and guidance can help recover from these negative emotions. With semen analysis, men can overcome the self-doubt that clouds their thoughts. Reputed IVF clinics, such as Reviva Fertility Clinic conducting semen analysis tests in Chandigarh, will guide you through the entire process. Semen analysis is also a part of the IVF treatment.

Sperm Freezing

Male partners often find themselves at crossroads when they feel they might not be around for conception or undergo a treatment that affects their sperm health. For example, men who are about to undergo chemotherapy in the near future get their sperm frozen. It’s just like freezing eggs of females, or cryopreservation. Chemotherapy negatively affects sperm health, making conception near impossible. If you’re suffering from the same expectations, contact the IVF centre near you. They’ll conduct semen analysis tests before preserving and you may have to give multiple samples. There are clinics for semen analysis tests in Chandigarh that provide affordable sperm cryopreservation services.

Emotional Support For Their Spouses/Partners

Going through numerous IVF treatment cycles takes a toll on the mental and physical health of patients. Females are most affected due to their sensitive nature and countless insecurities. In this scenario, a male partner can provide the much needed emotional and physical support. Keeping the wife happy and positive throughout the process can bring good results. There are studies that demonstrate the effect of mental health on reproductive health. Therefore, maintaining a positive attitude can boost the success rate of IVF treatments. Females specifically crave the love and attention of their male partners which somewhat places the responsibility of IVF success on men as well.

Monetary Support

Though IVF costs vary from place to place, some cities may be costlier than others. In that case, providing the necessary monetary support becomes a must. Male partners play a major role in monetary support during IVF treatment. They often bear the entire cost or a major chunk of the cost, if their wives or partners are financially dependent on them. Ask the IVF centre near you for the total cost of IVF broken down to average cost per cycle.

There are many reputed IVF centres that offer affordable IVF treatments and semen analysis tests in Chandigarh. Do a complete survey of nearby clinics regarding cost and treatment time, success rate and patient satisfaction. There are many ways to find out all this, through testimonials, reviews, acquaintances and close friends and family. A reputed fertility doctor will explain to you the entire process in detail so you know exactly what to expect and how long it might take depending upon the individual condition.

Handling Mood Swings

Female partners are prone to go through various mood swings during the treatment due to hormonal changes. It’s important to understand their source of occasional irritability and mood swings and adopt a compassionate and loving approach. There are many ways in which it can be done such as occasional outings to favourite restaurants, long drives, or visiting favourite places once in a while. The one thing to remember is that you’re both in this together so the highs and lows belong to both of you as well. IVF treatments tie couples together with the hope of arrival of a little one. With patience, determination, and a positive attitude, couples sail through this journey with a smile on their faces.


Role of male partners during IVF treatments is non-negotiable. From accompanying their spouses to each IVF cycle or clinic visit to their work behind the scenes that are discreet and obvious but also very important. Visit an IVF centre near you to know everything about the various aspects of IVF treatments. Talk to fertility experts at Reviva IVF as to what to expect, how to go about it in a systematic manner and the total cost including cost of semen analysis test in Chandigarh. 

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