Significance of Different Valentine Day Roses Colours

You have observed Valentine Day roses banners on a jewelry shop or a gift store. Roses are the inseparable part of Valentine’s Day. There are a variety of hued roses in existence and they all are equally attractive. You always get carried away with its beauty and can’t decide what color to pick. Well, every color existing in the world possess different significance. It would be appreciated when you will render an appropriate tinge of rose to the exact person in relation.

Read about all Valentine Day roses colors symbolism from the below:

Red Roses

Red is the color of the heart, red is the color of love. Thus, it is obvious that red roses imply deep and vehement love. Hence, if you want to express your love to someone especially for the first time then, it is hard to find a replacement for red roses.

Do you experience a little fight with your GF or BF and on 14th February you want to confess that you still love him/her? Then also red rose is the prime option for you. You may scatter other shades of rose with the red ones that can help you to settle the previous brawl. Continue reading to know the combo.

Pink Roses

pink rose

You may observe two diverse shades of pink. Dark pink represents thankfulness. Whereas, pale pink denotes grace. When you want to show your gratitude to someone or want to appreciate it, choose a combo bunch of light and dark pink roses and say “Thank You”. It is very much appropriate for Mother’s Day present, but you can send it to your girlfriend upholding grace in your relationship.

Yellow Rose

yellow rose

Anyone turns into a cheerful sulk seeing the yellow flowers. Hence, it is the color of joy and friendship. This is the only tint of rose, which doesn’t express any aspect of love. Bestowing it to any of your friends will connote, you have no feeling of love for the person and want to remain his/her good friend. However, rendering it to your spouse will signify you consider your partner as your best friend.

Orange Rose

Orange rose implies desire. If you admire someone deeply you can give him/her a knot of orange roses. This is a perfect offering for those who are in a conjugal relationship for a long period to spice up and revive love.

Purple Rose

purple rose

This royal-hued rose indicates love at first sight. When someone seems very attractive and you got bowled out seeing him/her at the first glance, then this Valentine’s Day express that feeling bestowing the purple-colored bunch. This majestic tinge makes the recipient feel like the emperor.

Blue Rose

This rose is very hard to grow naturally and the existence of it is a mystery. These blossoms are grown artificially by Valentine flower delivery providers, which makes it very pricey. Thus it signifies the secret and unattainable love. This color also signifies trust and faithfulness in love. As this is a very rare species, if you contemplate someone really special you can give it to him/her.

White Rose

white rose

White is the color of purity. Hence, these roses indicate pure and innocent love. This is the sign of young love so, if your relationship is in the first episode then provide a bouquet of white roses. Pure white roses are also the official color of the wedding. Christian bride carries a posy of white rose with her. Henceforth it is a great choice for newly wedded women too.

Black Rose

Typically black rose doesn’t exist on earth. It happens due to the high concentration of the red pigment. Thus the blossom we ruminate as the black rose is actually the dark red rose. As black is the color of evil, we often cogitate it as the sign of the end of the relationship. But as the color is actually dark red, some people ponder as it the sign of magic. If you are looking for something magical in your love relationship, then no doubt it is the seamless color for you. Before grasping black rose, consult with your beloved about its meaning unless it may leave a disastrous consequence.

So, did you get the appropriate color to utter your sentiment with Valentine day roses? As you already empathize with the symbolism of every color, get a bunch of fusion of your preferred tinges.